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You may be a fashionista but traveling can take its toll on your personal style. Guest contributor Millie Rainer shares a few tips on what you can do to stay fabulously stylish even when you're halfway across the world!

Nothing tests your sense of style like long haul trips, does it? Unless you travel first class each time, chances are you could be absolutely miserable when you emerge from a 14-hour trip halfway across the world. You're probably also dehydrated, cranky, with your biological clock upset, your feet swollen, and the tummy a tad bloated. Style could then be the last thing on your mind. And yet, you can never ditch it if you are a true fashionista.

Take the fuss out of long trips and travel in style every single time with this post. While there is a lot that could be written on this subject, I keep it simple and basic. You know what they say, if you get the basics right, the rest becomes easy peasy! So let’s dive straight into what you need to do to look fashionable, stylish, and yet relaxed (so that you are actually able to enjoy) when you are traveling.

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Start by Packing Right

Smart and intelligent packing is half the battle won. Investing in good quality luggage is the first step. You don’t have to buy Louis Vuitton suitcases though, Tommy Hilfiger’s would do, too.

Your suitcase should be big enough for the stuff you plan to pack in it and sturdy enough to be a good companion around the world. I have a couple of suitcases purchased in 2009 that have been all over the world with me and continue to serve me well. That is a mighty impressive performance. Mine are Louis Vuitton bags, but like I said, good quality bags are found everywhere. Just make sure you don’t cut corners in this respect thinking you could somehow get away with buying a cheap suitcase. You know what is really unfun and a complete style killer? Lugging around a heavy suitcase that’s lost a wheel or has a handle dangerously close to coming undone!


Pack Your Shoes Separately

Wrap up your patent leather pumps, boots, and other shoes in thin cloth bags and pack each pair separately. Pointy heels can totally ruin your delicate fabrics if they get in contact with each other. Keep the shoes smelling fresh by stuffing peppermint sachets in them.


Double Wrap Your Toiletries

Any bottles, tubes, and vials should be wrapped at least twice to ensure no leaks happen. If your perfume bottle breaks inside the suitcase? Ouch. Better carry vials of them than whole bottles.


Carry a Bright Pouch or Clutch to Hold All Your Important Documents

Thing is if your bag is stylish, and you fetch out an ugly-looking pouch from inside it, that would totally ruin the look, don’t you think? You will be using this pouch quite a lot so make sure it’s the best you can afford.


Where Are You Headed to?

What you pack will depend on the weather. If you are headed to colder climes, pack in a few light layers which can be worn together for adequate protection against the cold, apart from your winter coat.


Color of Your Clothes

When it comes to tops, cardigans, waistcoats, shrugs, or trousers, make sure you have plenty of blacks, whites, and grays. These are basic colors and versatile enough to be mixed and matched endlessly. Keep your scarves and ponchos colorful and your jeans blue. Though burgundy is also a nice color (but not if your posterior is slightly the larger side).


Travel in...

Printed leggings! They are uber chic, easy to slip on, light to carry, versatile, and so comfortable to be in, it’s as if they were made for travel! Strap on a nice watch and pile on gold accessories.


Kick off the Heels

At least for the duration of your flight. Instead go for flat boots, gladiators, belle pumps, loafers, etc. Basically anything that does not crush your feet and kill you with pain. Parading around in heels at an airport or on long haul flights is madness if you ask me, but that does not mean women don’t do it. Some actually are able to pull it off but the question is -- why? Why would you even want to do something like that? Just look to colorful and fashionable flatter options for your dose of style AND comfort.


Here Comes the Sun

Packing for warmer climates is rather easy. Everything is so laidback and carefree in such places that you can get away with anything. But that doesn’t mean you let your style guard drop. If you are headed to where the sun is shining bright and the beach is just a stone’s throw away, make sure you are carrying these with you…colorful and funky shorts, spaghetti strapped-vests, striped tops or dresses, light cotton blazers, flowy evening dresses, platform sandals, bright wedges, gladiators, and flip flops. Leave the platforms for formal occasions or hot dates. Stick with the other options during the day when you are lounging around the city, glamorously soaking in the sun.

Don't forget a wide hat! Lastly, have fun and find the best eatery joints and places to shop and hang around. Have
a fashion-tastic holiday!

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Great tips! Can you advise how to pack that wide hat? I don't like to carry it with me on board a flight but packing it into the check-in luggage can make your hat bent out of shape when you arrive.

Heyyy I don't know what to wear and I have a 9 hour flight x

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