8 Exceptional πŸ™Œ Tips for Traveling βœˆοΈπŸš— with Children πŸ‘Ά All Parents πŸ’― Need ...


The holidays are upon us and that means you probably need some tips for traveling with children. No matter what you believe in, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s you can find a reason to celebrate. More celebration means more families, and for some, that means air travel. What is the one thing people don’t want on a plane? Unfortunately, it’s babies. Just because we are in the holiday season does not mean you need to shell out money you don’t have on goody bags for people sitting near you. This is a cute idea, but why not focus on your child instead of other passengers? Coming from a fellow traveling mom and someone who has friends and family working for airlines, here are some tips for traveling with children.

1. Check Your Car Seat

One of my best tips for traveling with children is to check the car seat. A lot of families wonder if bringing a car seat is necessary. After all, the rental car place will provide one, won’t they? The short answer is yes, sometimes they will. The long answer is, at most car rental agencies car seats are on a first come first serve basis. If the agency runs out before you get there, you are out of luck. Don’t fret if you’re reading this at the airport and realize you forgot one. Some airlines will stock up for this exact reason. Ask, but know not all airlines carry them and they are almost always first come, first serve.

Hold Infants
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