Pro ✌️ Tips for International Travel ✈️ for Your Best πŸ‘ Vacation Yet 😎 ...


You finally have the time for a vacation. Next step is decide where to go. If you're going overseas, you need some tips for international travel.

Traveling within the U.S. is always fun but what about other countries? If you decide to go across borders, here is some information you need to know before stepping on foreign land. Use these tips for international travel to have the best trip ever.

1. Passport

One of the best tips for international travel is to be sure your passport is ready to go. If you already have a passport, then no worries. If you don’t, the place to get one is your local post office (not all post offices provide passport services). As to the requirements in applying for one, it depends on the post office and which state you reside in. For me, I brought in the application, my birth certificate, my ID, and my debit card as I had to pay a fee of around $100. The post office I went to made the passport photo themselves and I had to pay them for that, of course. However, not all post offices will take your picture. In this case, you will have to bring your own passport photo. You can get a photo from Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, etc.

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