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The 25 Most Magnificent Places to Curl up with a Good Book ...

By Neecey

Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges said “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” Book lovers can be happy to know that if Paradise is a library, there is Paradise right here on Earth.

Table of contents:

  1. The british museum reading room, london, england
  2. Stuttgart library, germany
  3. Jose vasconcelos library, mexico city, mexico
  4. Joe and rika mansueto library, university of chicago, usa
  5. The trinity college library, dublin, ireland
  6. Book mountain library, spijkenisse, netherlands
  7. Los angeles central library, usa
  8. Shakespeare and company, paris, france
  9. New york public library, usa
  10. The vennesla library and culture house, norway
  11. Admont abbey library, austria
  12. Royal portugese reading room, rio, brazil
  13. Liyuan library, china
  14. The hearst castle library, california, usa
  15. Liberia el ateneo, buenos aires, argentina
  16. Jay walker’s private library, usa
  17. David sassoon library, india
  18. Skywalker ranch library, california, usa
  19. House on the rock, wisconsin, usa
  20. Old market library, minburi, bangkok
  21. The liberia acqua alta, venice, italy
  22. Taipei public library, taiwan
  23. Library of congress, washington dc, usa
  24. The state library of new south wales, australia
  25. The library of el escorial, spain

1 The British Museum Reading Room, London, England

There is no grander feeling in library going that visiting the stunning dome of the British Museum Reading Room. You will feel like the President walking through a wonderful room at the White House or something!

2 Stuttgart Library, Germany

Basically, if heaven were a library, this is absolutely what it would look like! There is the potential to be lost for days in the clean, crisp atmosphere of the Stuttgart Library with thousands of books at your fingertips.

3 Jose Vasconcelos Library, Mexico City, Mexico

There is a real feel of walking among amazing modern architecture in this library, with the awesome caveat being that the interior walls of buildings are made from books that you can take out and curl up with!

4 Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, University of Chicago, USA

This incredible library feels a bit more like a conservatory than a place to keep books, with a stunning glass ceiling that allows you to keep in touch with the outside world whilst reading and studying.

5 The Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

The dark woods and endless aisles of literature really make this library feel like an important and imposing establishment.

6 Book Mountain Library, Spijkenisse, Netherlands

The special nature of this library is in the title! At its centre there is an amazingly constructed tower structure that really does look like a glorious mountain of books.

7 Los Angeles Central Library, USA

Curling up with a book at this library feels more like a religious experience than an educational one. The stunning interior of the building looks like an ancient Italian chapel that has been designed by one of the iconic Renaissance artists.

8 Shakespeare and Company, Paris, France

This quaint and classic bookstore is located in the heart of Paris and has been a favorite spot over the years for iconic figures like Ezra Pound and Ernest Hemingway.

9 New York Public Library, USA

You’ve seen it a million times in the movies and in TV shows, so why not head over and imagine yourself in one of your favorite places while reading a good book?

10 The Vennesla Library and Culture House, Norway

Going to this establishment feels almost like going to a relaxing spa, with stunning modern architecture that will make you want to stay and soak up the atmosphere for hours and hours.

11 Admont Abbey Library, Austria

The largest monastery library in the world, the ceiling is adorned with frescoes depicting the stages of human knowledge up until the Divine Revelation. A pace to feel enlightened.

12 Royal Portugese Reading Room, Rio, Brazil

Remember the amazing library that Beast showed Belle in Disney’s Beauty And The Beast? Well this amazing place in Brazil is as close as you get to a real life version.

13 Liyuan Library, China

This library is something of an architectural masterpiece with a many different levels and hidden places for its thousands of books to be stored.

14 The Hearst Castle Library, California, USA

There is a distinctly classic or medieval feeling to this library, with ornate decorations and floral-patterned chairs and sofas on which to read your books.

15 Liberia El Ateneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Operating within an old theatre hall, there is something really dramatic feeling about curling up with a book in a library that boasts a huge red curtained stage.

16 Jay Walker’s Private Library, USA

This amazing library celebrates the power of human imagination, with floating platforms and crazy connecting stairways!

17 David Sassoon Library, India

The oldest library in Mumbai, the special feature here is a beautiful reading garden.

18 Skywalker Ranch Library, California, USA

All nestling underneath a breathtaking stained glass dome, this company research library was built by the one and only George Lucas as part of his secluded Skywalker Ranch.

19 House on the Rock, Wisconsin, USA

There is a really interesting library section within the infamous House On The Rock, designed by Alex Jordan, Jr and located in Dodgeville, Iowa County.

20 Old Market Library, MinBuri, Bangkok

There is a really relaxing feel to this beautifully designed library, complete with large sitting cushions to be able to sit back and enjoy a great novel.

21 The Liberia Acqua Alta, Venice, Italy

As you would expect, the proximity to water of this quaint little library makes for an unforgettable and typically Venetian reading experience!

22 Taipei Public Library, Taiwan

This public library has a really homely yet grand feel about it with a simple design and décor of warm lights and wooden paneling.

23 Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA

This is the kind of place where you can literally feel the history of the building on your skin. It’s beautiful and immaculately preserved, one of the nicest buildings in the entire country.

24 The State Library of New South Wales, Australia

Australia's oldest library was built in 1846, but its most magnificent space is the glass-ceilinged Mitchell Wing, built in 1910.

25 The Library of El Escorial, Spain

Dating back to the time of Phillip II, in this library in the Spanish royal residence book lovers can be awed by vaulted ceilings and magnificent frescoes.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” — Ernest Hemingway

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