10 Scintillatingly Interesting and Useful Travel Books Everyone Should Own ...


Curling up with a sofa full of travel books is one of my favourite winter pastimes. It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, reading about all the new and exciting places that I’ve yet to visit will keep me warm. So ladies as you know, I think that if something brings me pleasure, it will probably bring some of you pleasure too and so here is a list of great travel books just in time for you to make your selections before the worst of the winter weather arrives. I guarantee that reading any of these wonderfully evocative books will beat your winter blues hands down. Grab a cup of coffee, relax and read on for 10 scintillatingly interesting and useful travel books everyone should own.

1. Homage to Catalonia: by George Orwell

Homage to Catalonia: by George Orwell

This travel book is one of the best accounts of the Spanish Civil War ever written in English. It is written through the eyes of a soldier and chronicles the daily grind he faces with incredible insight. It really brings this vibrant region of Spain alive. Catalonia just shouts off the pages.

Lonely Planet Travel Photography: a Guide to Taking Better Pictures: by Lonely Planet
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