The Best 👏🏼 Couples Only Resorts ✌🏼for True Romantics 💑 ...


Whether you’re a couple without children looking for a child-free vacation or you’re parents and simply want to get away to reconnect with sophisticated adult experiences, there are plenty of options around the world. All catering to your romantic, spiritual and health needs, they’re where you enjoy your well-earned time away in peace and quiet. Here’s a few prime choices:

1. Zoëtry Agua, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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The stony approach road doesn’t seem to promise much but once inside the gate, Zoëtry Agua is breathtaking. No more than a minute’s walk from the beach, the resort is a charming collection of thatched roof freestanding villas arranged around two snaking swimming pools. The open air lobby welcomes you into the main building with its two restaurants and wellness center. As well as sand, sea and sun, guests can get involved in “creative come-alongs”, play golf, go sailing, go horse riding or attend wine appreciation classes.

Rendezvous, St. Lucia
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