9 Super Tips to Get through Airport Security Speedily ...


Getting to the airport and checking in can be the most annoying part of air travel, but then the joy of knowing you have to get through airport security awaits. I’m sure every one of us accepts that the process is there for our safety, but it doesn’t stop us being frustrated or impatient. Want to know some tips to get through airport security quickly and hassle free?

1. Are You Eligible for TSA PreCheck?

If you are a frequent flyer, you can get through airport security quicker by joining the TSA PreCheck Program. If you are a regular user of one specific airline, they are likely to contact you with details of how to join – essentially you can register and are virtually guaranteed to not be subjected to the same security protocols as infrequent flyers. If you use lots of different airlines but are interested in the program, become a member of the Trusted Traveler Program and you will find getting through airport security a lot easier.

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