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Summer is the perfect time to get away, and if you’re one of those lucky girls going on vacation, be sure to check out these things to bring on a trip that I believe all girls should remember. As you pack, don’t forget some of these essentials, which in my opinion can totally make or break your trip. The key to packing is to remember that you never know what to expect. Case in point? When I went to L.A. for the first time at age 18, I was sure I’d be soaking up tons of sun in the middle of July. No need for a jacket, right? It was California, after all. Boy, was I wrong! I was freezing the entire time since I had no idea that California was actually cooler than SC in the middle of summer. Who would have thought? Luckily, I had a few items in my bag that I actually had to rewash several times because the rest of my clothes left me freezing. Sadly, my bikini never got touched. After that, I learned to pack for any situation possible. Yes, I had to pay a little extra for excessive baggage on the plane, but it was worth it! Check out my essential 11 things to bring on a trip that I think every girl should know. You’ll stay fresh and fabulous during your trip and put your suitcase(s) to good use too!

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Good Music

Good Music You just never know when you’re going to need a good jam session, so good music is one of the best things to bring on a trip of all. Whether you use it in the car, on a plane, on the beach, while riding the subway, or just walking down the street, don’t leave home without your music, ladies! I’m sure most of you have your tunes on your phone or an iPod, however, no matter how you store it, just be sure bring your music! If nothing else, you may end up in a noisy hotel at night or next to someone who parties all night long. Your music can deafen the annoyance and send you into dreamland quicker, or be as simple as tuning out that annoying person beside you on the plane ride.


A Good Book

A Good Book Just like good music, a good book can be a great escape and form of entertainment. I especially love reading books on my phone’s Kindle app, but I love reading a good old-fashioned hardcover book or paperback as well. Whether on the beach, on a plane, or at night to help me rest, a good book can relax you and help pass the time.



Hairbands If you have really short hair, this might not apply to you, but if your hair is long enough to pull in a ponytail, be sure to bring plenty of hairbands. This one needs no explanation, girls! A hairband is simply essential and you never know when you might need one. Hot weather, bad hair day, or pool time, just bring a hairband; you’ll be glad you did!


Extra Underwear

Extra Underwear Extra undies are definitely must-haves on your trip. Don’t try to pack so light you end up shorting yourself out of the most important wardrobe essential of all! I like to bring around 3-4 extra pairs, because you just never know how many wardrobe changes you’ll have, showers you’ll have to take, or you might not be able to wash clothes or not want to wash clothes once you get to your destination.


Two Sets of Pjs

Two Sets of Pjs See, I have a serious pajama issue. Sometimes if I end up in a really hot hotel room, I don’t exactly want to sleep in nothing, but I also don’t want to sleep in pajama pants all night either. One time I went on a trip in the dead of winter, and I swear, the hotel had the heat set so high and it was central heating, so there was no adjusting it. I thought I was going to die in my flannels, and I really wished I had brought a cooler pair of pajamas so I wouldn’t have had to sleep with no pants at all! Simultaneously, in the summertime, you never know when your hotel might be freezing. Bring two sets of pajamas or more, with at least one being cooler and the other pair being warmer.


A Good Conditioner

A Good Conditioner Different places have different air qualities and your hair may dry out if you’re in a place with particularly dry air. For instance, here in SC, all the coastal sections are not only hot and humid, but also dry. Even where I live in the upstate of SC, it is still really dry, and our water is very hard here, creating dry hair in no time. Colder cities up north may also dry out your hair, so bring extra conditioner, even if you don’t use it daily. It could at least serve as a multipurpose shaving cream if you don’t use it on your hair.


Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks Ladies, please don’t go on a trip without some healthy snacks! If your car breaks down, your stomach is unusually hungry, or you’re caught somewhere with terrible food, you’ll be glad you brought some healthy munchies. Here’s a true story where this came in handy for me. I was stuck on an airplane on the way to New York for 13 hours, yes 13 hours! By the time I got there I would have been starving if I hadn’t brought some healthy food. The airline wasn’t being generous with their food either, and I certainly didn’t want to spend all my food money before I got there. Bring nutrition bars, granola, fruit, dried veggie chips, packaged raw snacks, raw nuts or trail mix, and even canned tuna pouches and some dark chocolate. I even bring homemade muffins and homemade protein pancakes with me and stick them in my purse. While these won’t serve as your meals, they will keep you full until you can get something substantial in your belly.


Bottled Water

Bottled Water Just like healthy food, you shouldn’t go without some good H20. If you get stuck in the car or break down, you’ll be all set, and flying on a plane can automatically dehydrate the body when you’re in the upper atmosphere. This can cause excessive thirst, constipation and low energy. Keep your body hydrated so you stay regular, and stay energized.


Weather Friendly Outfits

Weather Friendly Outfits Always bring weather-friendly outfits. Prepare for rain, wind, really hot weather and even snow and sleet. One beach trip I went on was ruined by rain the entire week. Luckily, I had brought more than flip flops for my shoe options, so my feet didn’t stay soaked all week, and I brought an umbrella and rain jacket. Always prepare for a variety of weather situations, even if you watch the forecast.


A Light Weight Jacket

A Light Weight Jacket I’m so cold natured and never leave home without a jacket on a trip, even if it is in the dead of summer. Most airplanes are always cold, as are some restaurants and other places you might visit on your trip. You may not use it, but you’ll be glad you brought it!


A Blanket

A Blanket Light blankets are essential packing items, girls. If your hotel is skimpy with the covers, it will keep you from freezing all night. If you get stuck on a plane that is super chilly, you’ll have something cozy to cover up with and won’t have to use those blankets on the plane. Because, let’s be honest, you just never know if they washed those in between flights or not!

Packing for a trip is just as important as your itinerary and I always say, it is better to pack too much than not enough. Everyone may tease you for being a pack-rat, but who cares! When you’re prepared for anything and they find themselves in a pickle when they forget something, chances are they might be barking up your tree to borrow something. A few of my other must-haves are a lightweight purse, sunglasses and of course, my phone charger! What are your favorite trip essentials?

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Great article from a fellow South Carolinian!


Feminine products like tampons and pads r a most lol

Thanks for the great advice!

I went on a trip. And this would've been so helpful! Now I will use this on more trips I take!

Try not to bring bottled water, unless the fresh water in the country your visiting isn't good to drink. Check with the hotels before you go.

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