7 Reasons to Travel the World Solo in Your 20s ...


7 Reasons to Travel the World Solo in Your 20s ...
7 Reasons to Travel the World Solo in Your 20s ...

If you’ve ever looked for reasons to travel the world solo, look no further! Not only is it an amazing experience, but you will learn so much about yourself that you never even knew; some good, some bad, but the point is, there is no better time than your 20s to go out and travel on your own. So here are 7 reasons to travel the world solo in your 20s!

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You Learn so Much about Yourself

When you’re traveling on your own, it’s a whole different experience than travelling with your friends or family. You’ll figure out what drives you, what entices you, and what makes you happy, without the voice of another person in your ear. One of the best reasons to travel the world solo in your 20s is that this is your time, this is the time when you grow!


You Have the Time

I know what you’re thinking! Between work and school and friends, and trying to find a job, where in the world is the time going to come from? I went to Rome on my own when I was 22, right in between just graduating, finding a job, and not really knowing where I was going in life. Luckily, I had a friend who was living there at the time, so it saved me a bundle on hotel costs! During the night we got to hang out and she’d show me around while I explored during the day. It was perfect since she wasn’t the touristy type and I wanted to explore anything and everything! Trust me, having time on your side is one of the best and most important reasons to travel the world solo in your 20s.


You Get to Be Selfish

This is by no means a negative on the lists of reasons to travel the world solo in your 20s! You don’t have to worry about anyone when you’re out on your own, other than yourself. You get to do what you feel like, not what the tour guide says. You get the eat the foods you want, have the experience of going to a nude beach without being judged, and sit and marvel at something for as long as you want. All in all, you get to indulge in whatever you want, and trust me ladies, there’s no better way to develop into the person you’re meant to be, than by taking time to do whatever it is you want to do.


You Have the Energy

Unless you’re going to be one of those super cool 80 year old women who will go bungee jumping without a moment's hesitation, you will never have the energy to do half the things on your adventurous bucket list than when you’re in your 20s. Having that liveliness is one of the key reasons to travel the world solo in your 20s. One of the biggest pains of travelling with others is that your travel styles don’t match. They want to sit and read a book by the beach, and you want to be in the ocean! So go forth, take that hike up Machu Pikchu you’ve always wanted to do! All your friends are probably sitting at home watching Game of Thrones anyways (and there’s always Tivo)!


You’ll Push outside Your Comfort Zone

When I told people I was going to Italy all by my lonesome, one of the most common questions they’d ask is – aren’t you scared? Well I wasn’t feeling indestructible, and I was under no illusions that I could very well sit next to less than stellar people on the 12 hour plane ride, but more than anything, I was excited! I learned the language as much as I could (meaning things like ‘how much’ and ‘where’s the bathroom’) and tried to read up on their culture as much as possible, and got over my fear of asking people to take pictures of me – selfies from a certain angle are quite boring after a while – and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. It was incredible! Your 20s is when you can adapt and change, and that’s one of the most positive reasons to travel the world solo in your 20s.


You Aren’t Settled Yet

They always tell you to travel in your 20s because when you grow older you’ll have a family, a job, kids, and all these other priorities that will keep you from travelling. I’m not there yet, so I can’t say for sure if that’s true or not. What I can tell you is that one of the best reasons to travel the world solo in your 20s is because you are open to anything. You may have a plan, but you may end up in Bali and realize you want to be a natural healer, or somewhere in Fiji and decide you’ll dedicate your life to saving the rainforest. You story is still waiting to be written, and your 20s is when the most amazing things will happen to you.


You’ll Come Back a Better Person

You’re already amazing the way you are! Bruno Mars convinced us all of that! But truly one of the best reasons to travel the world solo in your 20s is because ultimately, you will return a better person. You’ll take in so many things you never realized, observe cultures different from your own, encounter people from all walks of life with the greatest stories, and discover places so magical no camera could ever capture. All these experiences are woven into the fabric of your life and the person that you will ultimately become. They say travel is the one thing you can buy that will make you richer, and I believe with all my heart that that’s true.

So there you have it! Are you ready to take on the world yet on your own? It can be a scary experience, but what makes travelling on your own so compelling is just that – it can be scary, and it can be nerve-racking, but you’ll tackle it, and when you do you’ll end up feeling amazing! So tell me, what are some of the best things about travelling alone that you’ve experienced?

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