8 Benefits of Holidaying Alone ...


8 Benefits of Holidaying Alone ...
8 Benefits of Holidaying Alone ...

As a single person, I tend not to travel, as I prefer to go away in company. However, there are a number of advantages to holidaying alone, so some day I might just do it! Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy on a solo trip.

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Please Yourself

On a solo trip, you can do exactly as you want. If you want to sleep late, and spend the morning in a café watching the world go by, there will be no-one pressuring you to get moving so you can see the museums. You can move on when you’re bored, and stop whenever you want.


No Arguments

Ever had one of those holidays that ended up in arguments with your partner or friend? They’re memorable for the wrong reason. Travelling alone means that you won’t have anyone to argue with, so will have a relaxed trip.


Choose Your Destination

You don’t have to debate with anyone where to go; the decision is yours and yours alone. You can go for as long as you want (circumstances permitting), and pick a city break, adventure holiday or beach resort, whatever you most like.



Being on your own doesn’t have to mean being alone. If you’re brave and get talking to people, which you’re unlikely to do when travelling in company, you may meet some new friends and have some interesting experiences.


Your Type of Holiday

Even couples can holiday separately – you don’t have to be single! This is an ideal solution if you like an active, sporting holiday and your partner would prefer culture or a painting break. Also, if they can’t get time off work you won’t miss out on a holiday.


Your Rules

There’s no negotiation or compromises required; you can follow your own rules. None of the ‘but I paid for dinner yesterday’, or a friend trying to dictate what you do every day. Instead, you call the shots (and there’s no-one to complain!).



Travelling alone can be isolating, but it also gives you the chance to socialise. You might meet a nice guy, find some new friends from another country, or get some useful tips on where to visit. Most people are happy to let you try out your basic knowledge of the language.



If there’s one thing travelling alone teaches you, it’s resourcefulness. There is no-one else to lean on, so you will have to solve any problems that occur. You’ll also learn how to find your way around, try out your language skills, and how to cope with being alone.

Would you ever contemplate a solo trip, or do you only like to travel in company?

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