7 Reasons to Give up Your Job to Travel the World ...


7 Reasons to Give up Your Job to Travel the World ...
7 Reasons to Give up Your Job to Travel the World ...

Giving up your job to travel The World has crossed most of our minds at one point, often followed by a long list of reasons why we can’t. Some of us are lucky enough to have satisfied our wanderlust by taking a gap year, or having some time off between finishing college and starting our first job, cramming in as much traveling as we could. For others, giving up your job to travel The World has only ever been a pipe dream never to be realized. We may have an important position we’ve worked long and hard to achieve or we may have commitments we feel we can’t relinquish. More of us however, are realizing our time on earth is but short and career-break gap-years are on the increase with more and more of us taking this seemingly bold step. Want to know why you can and should? Here are 7 Reasons To Give Up Your Job To Travel The World:

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The Opportunity Has Arisen

Redundancy and reorganization are unfortunately today’s buzzwords but if you find yourself unemployed, take control of the situation and turn your new joblessness to your advantage. Instead of spiraling into worry and despair with months of job searching ahead, spend that time travelling The World and enjoying yourself while the markets pick up. You’ll find life in Asia and Latin America is much cheaper than back home meaning you can stay away for longer.


Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Do you live for your vacations – suitcase barely unpacked and you’re already planning your next trip? Travel magazines and websites brim with pictures of the dramatic and the exotic designed to lure you, but it is not a trick. The World outside your office cubicle really is that wonderful. And if you have even the slightest desire to travel The World it is only likely to get stronger. You’ve probably already made a list of dream destinations. Now is the time to start ticking them off.


Travel the World to Get Some Perspective at Home

You’re having a bad day – you’re late for work, you’ve already spilt coffee down your new suit and you can’t find your Blackberry. And it’s not even 8am. Modern pressures can take their toll leaving us stressed and exhausted. But the truth is that most of the things we worry about aren’t important. The difficulty is realizing this. Giving up your job to travel The World will quickly help you see that chipping your manicure is nothing compared to the problems of a family struggling to keep their hut standing. Time out for a reality check will guarantee you return home with much more appreciation for your own life.


Revisit Your Dreams

It is well established that as we progress from child to teen to adult our dreams can get lost along the way. With bills to pay, homes to maintain and the responsibilities of a grown up job it is easy to see how there is little time for perfecting your pirouette. Taking time out will give you a chance to revisit those childhood dreams or even explore something new with many classes to experience as you travel The World. Who knows it may lead to a change in your life. And if it doesn’t, at least you’ll have had fun and learned a new skill along the way.


Chance to Reset

Wake at 6.30am, in bed by 11pm. Gym three times a week. Friday night out with the girls. Work late weeknights. Cram in the chores on Sunday. Repeat on Monday. Not all of the habits we form in life are beneficial. Taking time to travel The World will help you reset your body and mind. On your own schedule you can rediscover your natural sleep pattern, enjoy natural forms of exercise (climbed a volcano recently?) and enjoy a more relaxed pace of life that will literally give you time to stop and smell the roses. Resetting your habits is one of the gifts to yourself that will permeate into your life even after you return.


Don’t Wait until It is Too Late

Many people wait until they are retired to travel The World, but this plays to our false confidence that what we want to visit will be there forever. Even the briefest glimpse at the news tells us otherwise. Glaciers are melting, the Maldives are disappearing and the Great Barrier Reef is changing. Your career will still be there in a year’s time, but will The World be the same in thirty? Why not take a mini-retirement now. Let’s face it will you really want to howl at the full moon until 5am on a Thai beach when you’re at retirement age?


Give Something Back

Your boss has asked you to meet another unreasonable deadline and the prospect of a thank you isn’t even on the horizon. Most people spend their days serving other people but what if that effort could be harnessed to make a real difference to someone’s life or even to an entire community. Hitting sales targets at work will make a company rich. Building a well for a hill tribe community can give people life. Taking time to travel The World doesn’t just help you; it is an opportunity to give something to others who are likely to be more than grateful for your effort.

Have you been inspired by these Reasons to Give Up Your Job and Travel The World? People who make the leap and travel The World find it easier then they thought. The rewards and benefits are immeasurable and your return to your homeland inspired and fulfilled. Are you going to make this the year that you give up your job to travel The World?

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I lived abroad, working as an English teacher, and loved it. And my life was waiting for me when I returned... but a lot of people never want to return, and that's great too!

Oh what wanderlust eat love pray🌎👼👭❤️💕💜💟🙏🏻

m sure this job of travelling around and learning is more satisfying than the one m in now!

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