7 Reasons to Give up Your Job to Travel the World ...


Giving up your job to travel The World has crossed most of our minds at one point, often followed by a long list of reasons why we canโ€™t. Some of us are lucky enough to have satisfied our wanderlust by taking a gap year, or having some time off between finishing college and starting our first job, cramming in as much traveling as we could. For others, giving up your job to travel The World has only ever been a pipe dream never to be realized. We may have an important position weโ€™ve worked long and hard to achieve or we may have commitments we feel we canโ€™t relinquish. More of us however, are realizing our time on earth is but short and career-break gap-years are on the increase with more and more of us taking this seemingly bold step. Want to know why you can and should? Here are 7 Reasons To Give Up Your Job To Travel The World:

1. The Opportunity Has Arisen

Redundancy and reorganization are unfortunately todayโ€™s buzzwords but if you find yourself unemployed, take control of the situation and turn your new joblessness to your advantage. Instead of spiraling into worry and despair with months of job searching ahead, spend that time travelling The World and enjoying yourself while the markets pick up. Youโ€™ll find life in Asia and Latin America is much cheaper than back home meaning you can stay away for longer.

Satisfy Your Wanderlust
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