60 Postcards of Country Scenes for a Rural Album ...

By Neecey

60 Postcards of Country Scenes for a Rural Album ...

What do country scenes conjure up for you? Do you love wide open spaces or prefer rustic barns and bridges? Maybe you love fall colors over Mother Nature's color of life - green? Me? I love them all. I appreciate the wonderment of cities but I will always choose countryside over concrete, wood over brick and lanes over roads. Not sure what stirs you most? Check out my selection of gorgeous country scenes.

Table of contents:

  1. antique gold
  2. tuscany, italy
  3. scandinavian valley
  4. covered bridges
  5. bluebells
  6. rustic chairs
  7. sleepy hollow farm
  8. rose cottage
  9. pomfret
  10. peak district, england
  11. shady wood
  12. a cypress-lined road zigzagging up a hill in tuscany, italy
  13. wildflowers on a country road
  14. limerick, ireland
  15. mount bellenden kerr, queensland, australia
  16. dartmoor national park, england
  17. mabry mill on the blue ridge parkway, virginia
  18. white picket fence
  19. the dark forest path
  20. lavender fields
  21. montana
  22. the lake district, england
  23. country stream
  24. green, green grass of home
  25. waitakere, new zealand
  26. harvesting a wheat field in south dakota
  27. napa valley
  28. ritten vineyards, austria
  29. alentejo, portugal
  30. volterra, italy
  31. old japan
  32. denali national park, usa
  33. appalachia, usa
  34. autumn in kentucky
  35. the alps, italy
  36. pony and trap
  37. nairobi's national park
  38. truffle hunting, france
  39. the old dirt road in belgium
  40. prince edward island, canada
  41. island faial, azores
  42. snowy white
  43. haastrecht, the netherlands
  44. apple picking
  45. andalusia, spain
  46. the beautiful palouse of southeastern washington
  47. god's own country
  48. bikes & fields
  49. chocolate hills, philippines
  50. thatching, ireland
  51. a bovine bid for freedom
  52. countryside
  53. country picnic
  54. dawn at the vale of pewsey, england
  55. alpine village, switzerland
  56. tulip fields, lisse, the netherlands
  57. the country living fair
  58. fall reward
  59. in an english country garden
  60. la-roque-gageac, france

1 Antique Gold

Antique Gold Via Autumn Antiques
When you see country scenes like this how can your soul not be stirred by the colors, the crisp leaves and the thought of rummaging around in a load of old stuff?

2 Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy Via Tuscany, Italy
Tiny ancient and medieval hilltop towns and terraces of grapes growing ready to be pressed into delicious wines - why of course, it's Tuscany.

3 Scandinavian Valley

Scandinavian Valley In a word - delicious!

4 Covered Bridges

Covered Bridges Via squidoo.com
Covered wooden bridges are such a USA thing. So wonderful.

5 Bluebells

Bluebells Via Bluebells 9
Memories of my childhood when as kids we frolicked in the bluebell woods near our home, picking a few flowers to stick in a jam jar.

6 Rustic Chairs

Rustic Chairs Via tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com
A garden with a view.

7 Sleepy Hollow Farm

Sleepy Hollow Farm Via The Basket Bike Girl® | ...
Sleepy Hollow Farm is an idyllic farm near Woodstock, Vermont.

8 Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage Via Rose Cottage, Cockington
Do you dream of a darling little cottage in the country?

9 Pomfret

Pomfret Via Photograph - Fall Landscape - ...
Unmistakably Vermont in the fall.

10 Peak District, England

Peak District, England A misty morning in the hills.

11 SHADY Wood

SHADY Wood Via The 10 Most Inspiring Natural ...
Aren't the best places on earth the ones where you're not sure whether or not to curl up and take a nap, dance, or just sit in silence?

12 A Cypress-lined Road Zigzagging up a Hill in Tuscany, Italy

A Cypress-lined Road Zigzagging up a Hill in Tuscany, Italy Via Zig Zag Road
There's a thrill about seeing where you're heading.

13 Wildflowers on a Country Road

Wildflowers on a Country Road Via Untitled
Charming ... just plain country charm

14 Limerick, Ireland

Limerick, Ireland Via Wandering the Good... : Photo
Aren't you wondering where the gate leads to?

15 Mount Bellenden Kerr, Queensland, Australia

Mount Bellenden Kerr, Queensland, Australia Via Mount Bellenden Kerr
Country scenes prove that Oz isn't all beaches and outback.

16 Dartmoor National Park, England

Dartmoor National Park, England Via Welcome to Flickr - Photo ...
There are so many tiny one car lanes in Devon and Cornwall.

17 Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia Via Mabry Mill
A wooden water mill is photogenic any time of year.

18 White Picket Fence

White Picket Fence Via birch & lily
Ahh - the country life.

19 The Dark Forest Path

The Dark Forest Path Via The dark forest path by ...
Where angels fear to tread.

20 Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields Via 500px.com
This includes features that essential to romantic country scenes - gorgeous views, beautiful flowers, atmospheric sky, ethereal light ...yeah baby.

21 Montana

Montana Country isn't all green fields and rolling hills.

22 The Lake District, England

The Lake District, England Via themodernflaneuse.com
Walking in the footsteps of Wordsworth and Coleridge

23 Country Stream

Country Stream Via le-desir-de-lautre.tumblr.com
Take a stroll, enjoy the sounds and scents of the countryside and then dare yourself not to take a break by taking a seat on that fallen tree trunk in the background.

24 Green, Green Grass of Home

Green, Green Grass of Home Via The Great Outdoors
The rolling hills of England.

25 Waitakere, New Zealand

Waitakere, New Zealand Via Waitakere Countryside
The country scenes of New Zealand always have a sense of the dramatic.

26 Harvesting a Wheat Field in South Dakota

Harvesting a Wheat Field in South Dakota Via South Dakota Multimedia Gallery - ...
Let's remember the countryside is a working animal too.

27 Napa Valley

Napa Valley Via Napa Hotels, Find Hotels in ...
Easy to see why Napa is one of the top foodie destinations in the USA.

28 Ritten Vineyards, Austria

Ritten Vineyards, Austria Via In Vino Veritas: Celebrating Italian ...
The alpine scenery of the South Tyrol is always awesome.

29 Alentejo, Portugal

Alentejo, Portugal Via Alentejo
Rolling countryside dotted with eucalyptus trees.

30 Volterra, Italy

Volterra, Italy Via Barrel in Vineyard
What's your wine of choice - red or white?

31 Old Japan

Old Japan Via All sizes | Cherry Blossom ...
The tranquility of the traditional life.

32 Denali National Park, USA

Denali National Park, USA Via Denali National Park
There's just something wonderful when a snowy peak gives a backdrop to a pretty scene.

33 Appalachia, USA

Appalachia, USA Via A little farm tucked away ...
Dreaming of the simple life ... woken by cockerels, rockers on the porch, fresh milk straight from the cow ...

34 Autumn in Kentucky

Autumn in Kentucky Horse country.

35 The Alps, Italy

The Alps, Italy Via All sizes | spring in ...
Take a deep breath and fill your lungs with crisp mountain air.

36 Pony and Trap

Pony and Trap Via Exploring the Islands of Stromboli, ...
Still a favorite way to get around on Innishmore in the Aran Islands of Ireland.

37 Nairobi's National Park

Nairobi's National Park Via The Little French Bullblog
Do you dream of country scenes that include elephants?

38 Truffle Hunting, France

Truffle Hunting, France Via Truffle Hunting | David Lebovitz
It's rare to see a truffle hunting pig these days; mostly dogs are used (the pigs love to chow down on the truffles before the hunter can gather them.)

39 The Old Dirt Road in Belgium

The Old Dirt Road in Belgium Via Photo by gigiembrechts
There's beauty in a misty autumn morning, whatever the country.

40 Prince Edward Island, Canada

Prince Edward Island, Canada Via Links
Thinking of Avonlea and Anne of Green Gables?

41 Island Faial, Azores

Island Faial, Azores Via Browsing Photography on DeviantArt
A beautiful verdant place under the volcanic mountains.

42 Snowy White

Snowy White Via beautiful things
No photo album of countryside scenes would be complete without some snow..

43 Haastrecht, the Netherlands

Haastrecht, the Netherlands Via Haastrecht (the Netherlands)
Are the storks as fascinated by the Dutch windmills as we are?

44 Apple Picking

Apple Picking Via Whimsical Raindrop Cottage
Cider, applesauce, apple pie, roast pork and apples, so many good reasons to go apple picking.

45 Andalusia, Spain

Andalusia, Spain Via gabs — coffeenuts: Campo Andaluz ...
Spain's interior is just as lovely as her coast.

46 The Beautiful Palouse of Southeastern Washington

The Beautiful Palouse of Southeastern Washington Via Kevin McNeal Photography
The jaw dropping beauty of the fertile hills and prairies north of the Snake and Clearwater rivers.

47 God's Own Country

God's Own Country Via Lutheran Church-Sims, North Dakota
To me, some of the most endearing country scenes of the USA are the white clapboard churches seemingly in the middle of nowhere. This one is in Sims, North Dakota.

48 Bikes & Fields

Bikes & Fields Via Lazy Sunday
The simple beauty of the countryside is a fine reason to take to two wheels.

49 Chocolate Hills, Philippines

Chocolate Hills, Philippines Via On Earth Day, These Photos ...
One of the most unusual countrysides you'll see anywhere.

50 Thatching, Ireland

Thatching, Ireland Via Traditional Thatching, Ireland by The ...
There's something heart-warming about traditional country crafts.

51 A Bovine Bid for Freedom

A Bovine Bid for Freedom Via Road to Corran Farm (C) ...
All she wanted to do was taste the sweet, sweet grass on the other side of the fence.

52 Countryside

Countryside Via Cứu Dữ Liệu Trần Sang
A picture to remind you life is good.

53 Country Picnic

Country Picnic Via let's take it outside
Calling for memories of good times to be made.

54 Dawn at the Vale of Pewsey, England

Dawn at the Vale of Pewsey, England Via Mists of Time
In his poem, Ode to Autumn, John Keats points to a "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness".

55 Alpine Village, Switzerland

Alpine Village, Switzerland Via In the Shadow of Giants ...
I know the Sound of Music is set in Austria but country scenes like this always make me want to burst out "The hills are alive ..."

56 Tulip Fields, Lisse, the Netherlands

Tulip Fields, Lisse, the Netherlands Via 10 Most Psychedelic Looking Places ...
A stunning patchwork quilt of colors.

57 The Country Living Fair

The Country Living Fair Via America's 24 Best Antique Shows
Always a fun time to be had at the fair.

58 Fall Reward

Fall Reward Via Raking's All Done... by Mike ...
The raking of the leaves is all done but you have to know that that pile next to the tire swing has been put there deliberately - right?

59 In an English Country Garden

In an English Country Garden Via Meditating Lawyers
I'd want to keep my boat dry for lazy days on the water.

60 La-Roque-Gageac, France

La-Roque-Gageac, France Via World pics

So often a contender for the title of the loveliest village in France. No wonder huh?

Are you now hankering for a bike ride down a country lane, a stroll through the woods or a picnic on a hillside? Well what are you waiting for?

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