8 Places of Myth and Legend ...


With our fast paced lifestyle, it is very possible to forget that there are corners of the earth that are trapped in time and very much considered to be places of myth. They might be fascinating towns and exotic destinations where the harsh hand of modern infrastructure has not yet found a way to or, they might be places of legend and mystical fame. Here are 8 Places of Myth and Legend.

1. El Dorado, Colombia

Legend has it that tucked far away, deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle, there was a golden city just waiting to be discovered. Spanish explorers arrived on the shores of Colombia in the 1500s, and all but destroyed the lush South American Amazon forests in Venezuela, Peru and Guyana during the following 200 years in their quest for El Dorado. Needless to say, this is one of the places of myth that remains exactly that. It has not yet been found, which almost makes you think that the β€˜β€™Golden One’’ was able to retreat from those conquistadors considered to not be worthy.

Zanzibar, Tanzania
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