7 Places for Shopping in Athens ...


Shopping in Athens is a wonderful experience, not only because we’re talking about a modern capital that has everything you could possibly ask for but also because shopping and loving every minute of it seems to be almost a tradition. From what I’ve seen, Greeks (especially women) love to shop and being surrounded with so many shops and shopaholics, cornered by so many friendly SAs and tempted by so many sales, I finally (read: took me a couple of seconds) relaxed as well. Yes, I love shopping in Athens and, after you find yourself here during one of the crazy everything-must-go sales, I bet you’ll go crazy too! I’ll skip Ermou today, because I’ve already discussed it in my previous posts and focus on other, very interesting places you can check out if you decide to go shopping in Athens:

1. Arthur Glenn Shopping Village

From high end brands such as Dolce or Cavalli to good old chic but affordable Nine West – this surreal piece of shopping paradise sure has it all which means you definitely need to check it out regardless of your (or, let’s say, your credit card’s) spending capacity. This cute, urban village is located very close to the airport and Athens Zoo so you’ll have no problem finding it and, once you do, just park your car in the basement, hop inside the elevator and right into a fabulous world of shops and all year round sales! If you drop by during standard end of the season sales (best times are August and February) you’ll get to enjoy even more sales or, a sort of a sale-on-sale phenomenon I personally enjoy very much. Shopping in Athens is fun and, although I haven’t had the chance to really get to know this relatively new “mall”, I have the feeling it’s going to be one of my favorite places.

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