9 of the World's Most Stunning Lakes ...


Some of the world’s most beautiful lakes are found in some of the most unlikely places, and are such an integral part of the world we live in today, being so much more than just a body of water. The world’s stunning Lakes provide us with incredible sceneries, important eco systems, aquatic life, water sports and picture perfect examples of some of Mother Nature’s most incredible offerings. Here are 9 of the World’s Most Stunning Lakes.

1. Moraine Lake, Canada

Moraine Lake, Canada

An example of a true natural phenomenon, Moraine Lake, much like its more famous and much more popular counterpart, Lake Louise just around the corner, is a stunning example of nature at work, that could be just a temporary site if one of the most concerning events – global warming, destroys the delicate balance of this region The incredible, shimmering teal and gem like colour gives the lake an astounding and distinctive glow, caused by the glacial flour in the water that comes from high up on the mountain peaks in the Canadian Rockies. As global warming melts the glaciers, there is a chance that the effervescent glow could fade.

Lake Manapouri, New Zealand
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