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8 Must Know Phrases That Equal Travel Savings ...

By Neecey

It doesn’t matter what language you speak, there are some must know travel phrases everyone should get to know if they want to get the best deals. Useful travel phrases will also ensure you aren’t being ripped off and others will help you receive benefits, adding value to your trip. So what must know travel phrases work best?

Table of contents:

  1. We’re on honeymoon
  2. I’m flying alone
  3. I am in the military
  4. Are you going to charge me $25 for my free newspaper?
  5. I have children
  6. Has the price gone down?
  7. Can i get an upgrade?
  8. Bump me

1 We’re on Honeymoon

Using the “h” word in anything makes must know travel phrases that are key to unlocking a whole host of benefits. It must be true (lying is not a good idea), but the mere mention of the word honeymoon makes gate agents go all gooey and bump you up to a first class seat and hotels will respond with all sorts of little indulgences.

2 I’m Flying Alone

This is especially relevant on busy flights. Airlines have problems with sitting family groups all together when the main cabin is fully booked, so indicating you are a solo passenger is one of those travel phrases you must use when relevant. It might well result in you being bumped up to first or business class to free up precious seats in coach.

3 I Am in the Military

It’s not the most obvious of the must know travel phrases, but if you are a serving member of the armed forces, you can find that some surprising rewards come your way if you let it be known when you are traveling. There are stories of first class passengers having given up their sets as a show of gratitude for the job military personnel are doing. Cruise lines also offer discounts if informed of your military service.

4 Are You Going to Charge Me $25 for My Free Newspaper?

One of the not so cute tricks of big resorts and hotels is the addition of charges to your bill for items you assumed were free – newspapers, Wi-Fi, pool towels, access to the gym and sometimes, even entrance to the casino. Resorts in Las Vegas, Hawaii and Puerto Rico have quite a reputation for this, so to combat being presented with these non-negotiable surprises at the end of your stay, employ one of the most useful travel phrases when you check in – what “free” services are you going to charge me for?

5 I Have Children

It’s never going to be a guarantee but mentioning you are travelling with children may reap some rewards. Some hotels may upgrade you to a suite at a discount or even no charge. You should always mention you have kids to get a later check out time.

6 Has the Price Gone down?

One of the most infuriating things about travel is finding yourself in a room that the person next door has paid $100 less for, or discovering that the person in the neighbouring airplane seat has paid a lot less than you. One of the useful travel phrases that should become your mantra in the few weeks leading up to your trip is “has the price gone down?” Regularly check with your booking agent/company about price fluctuations and if there has been a reduction, ask for a discount or refund.

7 Can I Get an Upgrade?

Well, they do say if you don’t ask, you don’t get. This is one of those very useful travel questions that is seriously under-used. If you ask politely, it is a perfectly reasonable request. Also indicate you are willing to pay a small fee for an upgrade from coach to business or first class. This question can also work at hotels – particularly city center hotels who are used to catering to business travelers in the week. Weekend trade is usually reduced so the chances of upgrades are greater.

8 Bump Me

One of the useful travel phrases to be used judiciously is “bump me.” Use it at the wrong time and you could simply find yourself bundled onto the next flight. At the right time, however, showing you’re willing to be bumped from an overbooked flight could result in a seat upgrade on your new flight.

If you want an upgrade, a discount or some rewards, these must know travel phrases may well just achieve them for you. What tricks and questions do you use to get the best deals?

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