7 Magnificent Sights of Madrid ...


The sights of Madrid make up one of Europe’s most fascinating and vibrant cities. The capital of Spain is full of historical interest and the Madrid sights bear out the heritage of what was once one of the most powerful empires in the world. It won’t be a surprise that some the best Madrid sights have ties back to royalty and to when gold from the New World was the source of influence and power. Here’s my must sees of the Iberian jewel – 7 Magnificent Sights in Madrid:

1. Palacio Real

Palacio Real

One of the most impressive of Madrid sights is the Royal Palace. It is enormous, indeed one of the biggest in Europe. Set in a massive plain of concrete overlooking a river valley, the impressive white palace scorches in the sun and is considered an architectural masterpiece. You can take a tour of the magnificent state rooms, a medieval apothecary and the royal armory but as it’s one of the most emblematic sights of Madrid, the queues to get in are long.

Plaza De Cibeles
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