7 Instagram Accounts That'll Make You Wish You Lived in Australia ...


There are tons of Instagram accounts that'll make you wish you lived in Australia! The beauty of social media is that these pictures can help us FEEL like we're there. Of course, looking at all these gorgeous photos just make me feel depressed. Why do I continue to torture myself by looking at all of these pictures? Sigh. Take a look at some Instagram accounts that'll make you wish you lived in Australia!

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@aquabumps With over 38,000 followers, @aquabumps will make you wish you could just dive right into that Australian water. The owner of the account is a professional photographer who shoots daily at sunrise! I've never had the chance to take up surfing but I sure wish I did. These photos really show the "oneness" that surfers share with the water. This is just one of the many Instagram accounts that'll make you wish you lived in Australia! Follow them at, @aquabumps.



@australia This account is Australia's official tourism account. They have close to 600,000 followers and they continuously post photos of the beautiful things in their country. I nearly melt every time a photo of a Kangaroo is posted. I mean, look how cute they are! They also post photos of the beautiful beaches, cities, and tourist destinations! You can follow them at @australia.



@visitgoldcoast This is another account that posts amazing tourism photos. It's loaded with photos of beautiful beaches, visitors enjoying their stay, and more. I can spend hours looking at the beach pictures! All it makes me do is feel sad that I'm not actually there! One day, though. One day I'll dive into those waters! You can follow them at @visitgoldcoast.



@australian_dream This Instagram account will make you want to buy plane tickets to Australia, right now. It has pictures of the country's most popular attractions and sights. You can follow them at @australian_dream and obsess over all things they post!



@visitmelbourne This Instagram account posts photos in and around Melbourne of places, spaces, and faces they love. They post awesome day-to-day things like pictures of crowds, bakeries, street art, etc. Oh and there's tons of food pictures. That's always a necessity on Instagram, right? Make sure you check out their page (@visitmelbourne) and all the photos that come along with it! After browsing it for a few minutes, I'm sure you'll have a lot of yummy treats to add to your "must-eat" list.



@somuchfortheafterglow This Instagram account captures amazing landscape photos of the country. You can follow them at @somuchfortheafterglow for all the awesome photos. Warning - these photos will make you wish you could a hop a plane right now.



@elisaparkranger This Instagram account has over 11,000 followers! It's mission is to showcase the beauty of Australia and let me tell you, they do an amazing job at it. You can follow this account at @elisaparkranger.

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many awesome Instagram account that'll make you wish you actually lived in Australia! How awesome are these photos?! It's definitely inspired me to add Australia to my travel bucket-list. Which travel-inspired Instagram accounts do you love to follow? Of the list, which account makes you wish you could travel to the Land Down Under?

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I do live in Australia, it's beautiful!!!

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