Important πŸ’‘ Things to Include πŸ“ in Your Carry-on πŸ‘œ if You're an Anxious 😧 Flyer ✈️ ...


If you’re nervous and have an imminent flight, this list of things to include in your carry-on if you’re an anxious flyer will help. Did you know that, statistically, flying in an airplane is safer than riding in a car? Planes might be safer than most forms of transport according to the numbers, but it only takes one unlikely horror story to make you nervous and afraid for all your future flights. Fear of flying is one of the most common phobias in the world, but fortunately, its prominence as a means of transport means that there are is a lot of information and advice out there for how to overcome your fears. If you can arm yourself with things that are going to make you feel safe and calm, you will have a much better flying experience. Here are some things to include in your carry-on if you’re an anxious flyer!

1. Check Point List

Something that will give you a sense of stability is if you make a list that contains bullet points of your regular flying routine. Whenever you start to feel pangs of anxiety arise, whip the list out and read through it so that you can see no surprises have occurred yet and no surprises are likely to occur in the near future. Flying is the most regimented, routine mode that there is, so a list of all the usual things that you go through will help you to see that it is predictable and stable.

Comfort Item
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