10 Things to Pack πŸ’Ό for Women πŸ‘© Traveling ✈️ Internationally 🌍 ...


Are you ready to take your vacation? Before you travel across land and sea don’t forget to pack your suitcase. The best way to travel is to be prepared. Make sure to grab these ten things before you weigh your suitcase.

1. Travel Adapter

Find out what type of charging adapter works where you are staying so you can charge your devices. There are adapters which you can hook up to your current cell phone charger. Research what charger would work best with your phone. While you are working on your phone you can decide if you want to let your cell phone company know you will be out of the country as many cell phone companies offer international plans. Having an international plan on your phone can help you to not get hit with high roaming charges. Another option to consider is free international text messaging.

Walking Shoes