10 Things to Pack for Women Traveling Internationally ...

Ashlee Best

10 Things to Pack for Women  Traveling  Internationally  ...

Are you ready to take your vacation? Before you travel across land and sea don’t forget to pack your suitcase. The best way to travel is to be prepared. Make sure to grab these ten things before you weigh your suitcase.

1 Travel Adapter

Find out what type of charging adapter works where you are staying so you can charge your devices. There are adapters which you can hook up to your current cell phone charger. Research what charger would work best with your phone. While you are working on your phone you can decide if you want to let your cell phone company know you will be out of the country as many cell phone companies offer international plans. Having an international plan on your phone can help you to not get hit with high roaming charges. Another option to consider is free international text messaging.

2 Walking Shoes

Make sure you bring exercise shoes. Traveling is adventurous and you are going to be doing a heavy amount of lifting, walking, and maybe even running to your next destination. Break in your shoes before the trip so that you are ready for the excursions. Look for shoes which can also get wet if your planning water activities.

3 Hidden Wallets

Decide where you want to put your wallet before going on your trip. There are wallets which you can wear underneath your shirt. You can also try wearing a fanny pack. Make sure your valuable items are in a place where you can check on them but would be difficult for other people to get to.

4 Neck Pillow

Get ready for the red-eye flights and bus rides with your neck pillow. Some offer great support with a firm build. Many are designed where you can click them onto your luggage or backpack. Another great comfort item is an eye mask for the long plane rides.

5 Snacks

If you are traveling on foot make sure to pack snacks and drinks. Walking long distances can drain your energy and having food available will help you with not having to make stops. This can help too if you are traveling by different modes of transportation. Make sure you pay attention to what ingredients are in other country's foods because they cook differently.

6 Currency

It helps to have different currency on you. Some countries accept more than one currency. There are also currency calculators you can use as well. Have an idea of the country's currency rate before you travel so that you know how much to budget for the trip.

7 Maps

In case your phone battery does die and you don’t know exactly where you are, a map can help. Maps can be especially helpful when you are in a foreign country with different roads and languages. If you are traveling by car, maps can also be a guide for distance. Rely on your phone and tour guides but make sure you have a map with you.

8 Culture Books

Another fun way to make sure you are ready for your trip is to read about where you are going. You can find out about the weather, what people like to do there, or what the country is known for. There are guidebooks which give insightful information into things you have to do and see while in the country. Just be careful as after reading the book you might want to do everything!

9 Variety of Clothes

If you can pack light that will save your back but make sure to pack for both warm and cold weather. You may be hot during the day but then get cold as night comes. Try to wear layers which you can easily take on and off. Extra sun blocking protection such as hats and sunglasses may also help you enjoy the outdoors.

10 Medicine Supply

If you have daily medication make sure you take enough to last you through the trip. It is also recommended to pack more medicine then you would actually need in case you lose a bag or are delayed. If necessary, take a doctor's note with you when you are traveling which explains your medical needs. You may also take your doctor's contact information in case you need to get ahold of them while abroad.