Where to Go when You're a Student Traveling Abroad ...


Where to Go when You're a Student Traveling Abroad ...
Where to Go when You're a Student Traveling Abroad ...

Having the opportunity to travel is an incredible life changing experience for any student and should be grabbed with both hands. The chance to learn about new cultures, people, places, history and to experience unusual cuisines are just some of the exciting things students can look forward to. Being able to travel gives students the opportunity to learn how to practice the art of patience when plans fall apart and how to master a lifelong journey of independence and gain valuable perspective and life experience. Here are some of the top travel destinations for students who have the opportunity to travel.

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statue, landmark, monument, sky, sculpture, A highly coveted travel destination for thousands of people: students, families, honeymooners and friends all looking for their magical slice of sun, sea and relaxation. Thailand is famous for being an affordable gateway to paradise – perfect for the budget conscious student. And there is something for everyone – incredible historic sites, more than 500 Buddhist temples, breathtaking scenery and plenty of fun in the sun. Gracious and hospitable locals welcome visitors to their humble homeland to share in the peace and tranquility.



tourism, place of worship, building, travel, temple, There are not many places where you can see and experience such massive natural diversity, packed with history, charm and intrigue and thousands of years of spectacular culture. India is colourful, chaotic in places, soul restoring in others and remarkably moving. Students can experience incredible areas of the country that are virtually untouched, make their way to the Himalayas, party up a storm in Mumbai, see the fascinating historic sites in New Delhi and sink into the beach sand under the shade of their cocktail umbrella in breathtaking Goa.


Czech Republic

red, town, urban area, road, street, Right in the heart of Europe, where history meets romance and allure, the Czech Republic lies basking in a quietly sophisticated little niche. Far from the madding crowds of Austria or France, the Czech Republic offers students a life-changing experience off the beaten track. Glorious Prague – more magnificent than ever, growing more graceful and beautiful with age – is the ideal starting point for a journey around old-world Europe. Culturally diverse and idyllically unusual, students will feel as if they have left the world as they know it and stepped right into a fairy tale – castles and all.



koala, mammal, tree, marsupial, plant, If you are looking for the ultimate rugged outdoor holiday destination then Australia has it all and then some. Road trip down to the stunning Gold Coast, dive the glorious Great Barrier Reef, take a boat trip around the Sydney Opera House, chill out with trendy locals in Melbourne and shop until you drop in Perth. The eastern coast of Australia is one of the top adventure coasts in the world – no matter if you are after white water rafting, a trek through a tropical rainforest, caving, snorkeling one of the world’s premier dive sites, or swimming with dolphins, the stretch from Melbourne to Cairns is for you.



town, snow, neighbourhood, winter, city, Canada is a fantastic holiday destination – a home away from home. Vibrant, effervescent and eclectic, the country has an abundance of unspoiled natural surroundings and fascinating cities. Head straight to France in Canada – Montreal in Quebec is a delightful walled city, decidedly old worldly and uniquely French Canadian. Vancouver and Toronto offer students every possible modern adventure – shopping, parties, and all of the big city sights. But the real treat in Canada is the setting – some of Mother Nature’s finest and outdoor enthusiasts will love the huge expanse of the nature’s delights in British Columbia and Alberta, with plenty of running, hiking and mountain bike trails.



llama, camel like mammal, fauna, ecosystem, guanaco, Rich with culture, tradition and history, Peru is one of those intoxicating countries in South America that has an allure that students are literally unable to resist. With roots deep into the Inca history, ancient Spanish colonial landmarks define the skylines and incredible historic sites like the legendary Machu Picchu will leave students with memories for a lifetime. Home to part of the Amazon Forest – Peru is one of those incredibly diverse countries with so much wonder and undiscovered hideaways, that people can spend entire lifetimes exploring and never scratch the surface.

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