Which Hotels Have the Coolest Bathrooms in the World?


Which Hotels Have the Coolest Bathrooms in the World?
Which Hotels Have the Coolest Bathrooms in the World?

Cool hotel bathrooms can be found pretty much everywhere, and as long as you can afford to spend a few nights in one of the top hotels of the world, you’ve probably seen a lot of beautiful ones. Here, however, we will look at some of the less common, but incredibly appealing and cool hotel bathrooms around the globe.

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Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia

Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia Osprey Pavillion on Kangaroo Island, Australia, features one of the most stylish and overall cool hotel bathrooms of the world. With a stunning view of the landscape and a unique, hand-sculpted granite bathtub right in the middle of the bathroom, the natural feel of this open-concept design is quite remarkable.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hotels

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hotels If you want real class, this hotel has a bathroom you have to try out. The beautifully crafted gilt mirrors and claw-foot bath are enriched by a stunning set of floor-to-ceiling curtains to create an atmosphere of luxury and romance.


The Boutique Hotel in Singapore

The Boutique Hotel in Singapore Klapson in the Boutique Hotel has a special type of guest room featuring a futuristic sphere shower that is completely transparent. It’s also placed right in the middle of the living room, and it is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling mirrors and mood lights.


Auckland’s Hotel DeBrett

Auckland’s Hotel DeBrett For fans of art deco and the 1920s, this unique hotel may have the best design yet. The rooms here also come with one of the coolest hotel bathrooms of our times, enriched by unique honeycomb wall mosaics and the famous DeBrett ultra-luxe tubs.


Athens’ Bathroom Artwork

Athens’ Bathroom Artwork The New Hotel in Athens is not only owned, but also designed by a famous art collector. The 79-room building features bathrooms with luxurious amenities and artistically crafted layouts and items, such as sinks made from golden polyester with innovative geometric designs.


Kohler, Wisconsin

Kohler, Wisconsin This is where the Carriage House is located – a large, 55-room retreat with bathroom features that are a must-see for regular spa-goers. Here you can enjoy truly special treatments, which include mineral baths, whirlpool baths, or even rain rituals and chromatherapy for improving your mood through shifting light colors.


Room 702, Gora Kadan

Room 702, Gora Kadan Japan has some of the most exquisite and cool hotel bathrooms in the world, and the Gora Kadan is no exception. Here, you can enjoy the tranquil experience of relaxing in a real Zen garden, with an outdoor, open-air, stone-shaped bathtub that comes with hot water from the springs nearby.


Peninsula Tokyo’s Hi-Tech Bathroom

Peninsula Tokyo’s Hi-Tech Bathroom Anyone who wants the latest in advanced technology will love this cool hotel bathroom. Just visualize a TV installed in a fog-free mirror that turns invisible when turned off, international power adaptors, light dimming features and special music players. What's more, the bathroom is also equipped with the smartest toilet in the world, which provides you with a warm welcome, seat heating, automatic seat cover and even water massage.


The Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

The Atlantis Hotel, Dubai The Atlantis Hotel features probably the most unique bathroom in the world. If you book the Poseidon suite, you can enjoy a superb underwater view, with more than 60,000 different marine creatures gently moving past your bathtub. If you don't normally use to spend hours in the bathroom, you surely will if you visit this place.

These were my top picks for the most stylish, unique, luxurious and cool hotel bathrooms in the world. Which one would you like to check out next time you're on vacation? Do you know of any other cool bathrooms I should have mentioned here?


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The toilets in Japan are actually fun to use! Just don't spray yourself with the bidet on accident!

Japan bathrooms look amazing & very relaxing exactly what you need in a bathroom

The Australian is my favorite

Dubai hotel seems good

I can't remember which hotel I was staying at but I remember the brochure describing the insane bathrooms as places to "eliminate in luxury"! They weren't kidding...

there not so great

The Southern Ocean Lodge Australia is Gorgeous :} x

The Iniala beach house in Thailand!

Love the Australia and Japan zen ones...

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