8 Great Reasons to Love Guatemala ...


I’m sure the reasons to love Guatemala are going to inspire you to want to visit this magical country. It probably isn’t the top of many a traveler’s wish list, but this Central American country has some wonderful experiences to satisfy lovers of history, geography and culture. Here are some reasons to love Guatemala that should leave you captivated.

1. The Transport

One of the main reasons to love Guatemala is the transport. Simply getting around is an adventure in itself. While tourist shuttles and first-class long-distance buses are best for long journeys, you cannot miss taking a ‘chicken bus’ at least once. A ‘chicken bus’ is an old American school bus painted in crazy colors and converted into a public bus. You won’t only meet locals, but there’s a good chance you may meet their chickens too. Other common modes of transport that you should try are the lanchas or small boats that take you from one village to another around Lake Atitlan, and the tuk-tuks and pick-up trucks that transport you around town.

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