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8 Reasons to Attend Local Festivals ...

By Neecey

There are many flavors and colors to local festivals and certainly many more than we could probably ever imagine, but, how many of them do you ever attend? Your local community is probably a hotbed of varied entertainment and you might not even know it. From celebrating arts and crafts to hobbies, general interest and food to the quirky, slightly mad and downright odd, local events and county fairs are a surprising source of fun that you could be missing out on. Have a look at your community notices in libraries, newspapers and online and trust in these reasons to attend local festivals.

1 Making Memories

Local festivals are a great way to make memories with your loved ones. Some of the most resonant memories that we have are made in our hometown or where we grow up. From photos to laughter, the experience that you and your friends or family get from attending will be second to nothing else in the world – what better way to bond with those you love, than to share in entertainment and let your hair down?

2 Getting Outdoors

When attending festivals, it’s important that you get into the spirit of the activity. Even those who are put off by the idea of mud and an uncomfortable night’s sleep will soon find that they are reveling in the idea of not caring about your appearance and having a great time. The great thing about hometown festivals is that you don’t have hours of travelling on public transport to get home, so no embarrassment if you aren’t looking your best!

3 Nostalgia

Memories about our hometown and childhood are bound to come flooding back when attending festivals. Whether you enjoyed the experience with your parents and siblings at a young age, or you are reminded of your wild college days, attending local events is sure to bring back memories you thought you’d forgotten or let you catch up with old acquaintances.

4 Winning Competitions

There can be some real weird goings-on in community festivals. Whether it’s pie eating, pig wrestling or three-legged blindfold races, you can get into the spirit of the competition either with cheering on the mad competitors or abandoning your heels and getting stuck in yourself. It’s all about having fun and letting your hair down and the chance to abandon your super cool persona for a while.

5 Discover Someone New

Local festivals are a superb way of coming across new, up and coming stars of the music scene. Everyone started somewhere, and it’s usually the smaller local events which draw the hidden talent. So even if there isn’t a headlining act which you are particularly fond of, the chance to see an aspiring artist who will one day be selling millions of albums is always worth a trip.

6 Culture

Festivals aren’t just about music or comedy – you can find some really great small culture festivals if you look hard enough. From photography to antique cards, Romeo and Juliet re-enactments to wine tasting, there is bound to be a festival where you can soak up some local culture while relaxing.

7 Local History and Culture

One of the fantastic things about festivals is that you get to witness local history and culture while enjoying yourself. You don’t need to walk around museums or go sightseeing – you can get the experience of what the local area is really like just by attending a festival. Festivals will be dripping with the local identity and you can learn some surprising things about the place you live.

8 People Watching

Festivals are one of the few opportunities where people from all walks of life come together and relax as one group – you can observe the adorable elderly couple who have clearly been attending festivals for many years, the young love blossoming between two college kids at their first concert, or the parents who are trying desperately to control their sugar-rush kids from running amok. Whoever you see and whatever they are doing, people watching is a wonderful way to soak up the atmosphere at local fairs.

Have I tempted you? Type ‘festivals in my area’ into that search bar and find some local fun. Or maybe there’s already some community events you attend. Please do share your experiences of local festivals – we’d love to hear them.

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