Girl's πŸ‘© Guide πŸ“– to Traveling πŸ—Ί Frugally πŸ’° ...


A lot of people claim that they don’t have the money to travel. But you don’t have to be rich to travel. No matter if you don’t earn a lot, or you have debt, there are still ways that you can travel around the world. Here is a guide to traveling frugally.

1. Work Overseas

Aren’t making the money you want at your job? Try getting a job overseas. There are lots of opportunities as long you aren’t picky. You aren’t looking for a career, just a way to travel. Some jobs you can get to help pay bills and fund trips: yacht worker, seasonal worker at a ski resort, casino worker, cruise ship worker, tour guide, dive instructor, farm worker, waitress, hostel worker, bartender, and au pair.

This isn’t that hard to do, either. You just need to be open. Advanced degrees aren’t typically required. Teaching English overseas is one of the best ways to do this. You can also do this virtually as long as you have good wi-fi.

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