10 Geographical Facts about the UK ...


The geographical facts about the UK are not going to astound you. This small island country made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland doesnโ€™t have anything that is the largest, longest, widest, deepest or highest in the world. But, just like every other country, no matter how big or small, geographical facts about the UK are of national significance โ€“ and downright pretty and scenic too! So continuing our journey around the continents and their geographical superlatives, here are the pertinent facts of UK geography.

1. The Tallest Mountain in the UK

Letโ€™s kick off the geographical facts about the UK with the highest mountain. It is the 4409 foot Ben Nevis and is in Scotland. Scotland actually has most of the highest mountains in the UK. In fact of the top 10, all but one is in Scotland and that is Mount Snowdon in Wales, which at 3405 feet is the 3rd highest mountain in the United Kingdom. The mountains of Scotland and Wales are gorgeous and much beloved by visitors for their scenery and opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

The Longest River in the UK
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