8 Geographical Facts of Australia ...


When we run through the geographical facts of Australia we’ll enjoy some interesting surprises. This amazing place is so far from other continental land masses that it has a mass of unique features both in its topography and wildlife. As well as it charming people who are among the most amiable on earth, the geographical facts of Australia are more than enough reason for travelers to make the trip down under.

1. Tallest Mountain in Australia

The first of these geographical facts of Australia begins with something you wouldn’t normally expect for the flattest non-polar continent in the world. Mount Kosciuszko towers above Australia in the Kosciuszko National Park. It’s 2,228 meters above sea level and has an intriguing history because it was actually named in honor of General Tadeusz Kościuszko, a Polish American Revolutionary war hero, by Count Paul Edmund Strzelecki in 1840. Budding climbers and artists alike should always consider visiting the picturesque Snowy Mountains range in which Australia’s tallest peak stands.

Longest River in Australia
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