8 Cool Fun Facts about West Virginia ...


8 Cool Fun Facts about West Virginia ...
8 Cool Fun Facts about West Virginia ...

With that new show Buckwild out, there are tons of different misconceptions about West Virginia – there's also a lot of different facts about West Virginia that you might not know! My partner is from WV and I've got to tell you, I didn't know anything about it outside of what she's told me. Now though, after researching facts about West Virginia, I've got to tell you, this state is amazing!

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The Greenbrier Hotel

Oh, how I love hotels! This beautiful hotel is actually super historic and totally well-known throughout all of West Virginia. If you're looking up facts about West Virginia and they don't include The Greenbrier Hotel, that is surprising! The Greenbrier hotel is located in White Sulphur Springs and it has hosted some of the most distinguished guests from around the world, all since 1778. There are some secrets down below -- do you know what they are?


Oldest Population

There are tons of places that have an older population, but West Virginia is one of the top ten states that have people over the median age. My in-laws are from West Virginia and they speak really highly of just how old their families are and how far they go back. A lot of history!


75% is Covered in Forest

So, even though I've never been to West Virginia, I know that it is really woodsy. What I didn't know was that West Virginia is actually covered in 75% forest and they do everything they can to protect it! If you're looking for a place to really escape reality and the modern world, this is the best place to do it!


Golden Delicious Apples

Do you love Golden Delicious apples? Well, they started in West Virginia! Golden Delicious apples were first found in Clay Country, WV, and were actually known locally as Mullin's Yellow Seedling. Anderson Mullins sold the tree to Stark Brothers Nurseries, which at first marketed it as a companion to Red Delicious.


Swearing Law

While most states have this, West Virginia really enforces it. If you are swearing and extremely drunk in public, you will actually be fined one dollar for each offense. If you keep it up, you could end up in jail. If you are just swearing and not drunk, you still get fined a dollar. Talk about a swear jar!


Largest Sycamore Tree

Did you know that West Virginia has the largest Sycamore tree in the world? It's simply called Big Tree and truthfully, it's absolutely beautiful (or so my partner tells me!). West Virginia, as I mentioned before, is covered in forests, and with over 91 species of trees, it's amazing that they have this huge tree on display!


First State to Have Sales Tax

Pretty much every state in the US has sales tax (I know, some of them don't, but the majority of the states do). However, did you know that West Virginia was the first state to have sales tax implemented? How friggin' crazy is that? It all started on May 3rd, 1921.


Second in Coal Mining

Finally, the last fun fact about West Virginia all revolves around what WV is known for: coal mining. They are actually the second-biggest coal-producing state in the country. Montana is the first, but I can tell you, West Virginia really relies on the industry, controversial as it is. They still have a ton of people out there mining every single day.

So, did you get a chance to learn about a state that you had no idea about? What other fun facts are there out there? Tell me about 'em!

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there is no swearing law here, i cussed shit load of times, even around cops while in the magistrate building

There was more to that statement but it got erased. I live in Huntington which is half woods

aha. classy much?

It would be nice if people would see the good that comes from this state. Everyone seems to only see the negative. There's good

Hi Ladies, There was a law against swearing in public but it was repealed in 2003. Apologies for the confusion.

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