8 Brilliant Facts about Brazil ...


You may be wondering why you’d want to know facts about Brazil; it is, after all, a country which is rarely heard about on the news. However Brazil, as the largest and richest country in South America, is also becoming one of the most popular tourist countries in the world. With the next Football World Cup happening across the country and the next Olympic Games being held in Rio de Janeiro, it only seems right to know some of the most interesting facts about Brazil! Not only is Brazil one of the fastest-emerging global powers of the new age, it is both beautiful and brilliant. Here are 8 facts about Brazil you will find of interest.

1. The Highest Mountain in Brazil: Pico Da Neblina

At almost 3,000 meters above sea level, the Pico da Neblina Mountain is one of the most beautiful places that Brazil has to offer. Although it is sometimes referred to as being on the border between Brazil and Venezuela, the peak of the mountain itself is wholly in Brazil. The mountain is not only the highest mountain in Brazil but in South America. Its features definitely provide some of the most interesting facts about Brazil.

The Largest Lake in Brazil: Lagoa Dos Patos
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