7 Interesting Customs of Chinese Culture ...


China is one of the most fascinating countries on Earth and Chinese customs are beguiling, mystical and ancient. There are many Chinese customs we are all familiar with, brought to us by many Chinese immigrants over the centuries such as the red money envelope, Feng Shui, the animal astrological calendar, and of course, the New Year celebrations. But, what about some of the lesser known customs and traditions? Let’s delve into some of the less famous Chinese customs here.

1. Gifts

This is the third largest country in the world with an area of 9,600,000 square kilometres, or about 600,000 square miles. A Westerner is not expected to understand fully the different Chinese customs, some of which are accepted more casually than others. Some are similar to the Western lifestyle such as the bringing of a gift when invited to visit. This could be fresh flowers or fruit, and if the quantity of eight is involved in the gift, this is considered an omen that brings good fortune.

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