7 Fabulous Food Festivals ...


Food festivals are enjoying a great popularity. Whether it’s the latest fad ingredient, the new trend in culinary artistry, the chance to sample the world’s hottest chilli, or simply to get your hands on fresh local produce, food festivals are great events. There is something delightful about meandering between stalls, clutching freshly baked olive bread still warm in the paper, organics goat cheese, fresh cherries and a bottle of wine straight from the farm. All over the world, no matter the season, there are some of the best local food festivals taking place, showing produce, dishes and ingredients, just waiting to be enjoyed. Here are 7 Fabulous Food Festivals:

1. Pizzafest, Naples, Italy

The Pizzafest at the birth place of pizza itself, is one of the biggest culinary events on the Italian gourmet calendar. Join the 10 day extravaganza, which allows visitors to get a rare glimpse at traditional Italian lifestyles, join workshops, and learn how to make the ultimate Italian pizza dough from scratch, the perfect authentic Italian tomato sauce, and many other special secret recipes. Pizzerias all over the city come together in celebration, and have quirky fun menus and special pizzas just for the food festival, during the middle of September every year.

Rice Festival, Feria Du Riz, Arles, France
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