10 Travel Essentials to Never Forget ...


10 Travel Essentials to Never Forget ...
10 Travel Essentials to Never Forget ...

Travel essentials are just that -- essential. We all have our essentials in life and when we ladies travel, we need to have a list of top travel essentials to never forget or we will be hating life! Whether you’re packing for a weekend getaway with your girls or you’re taking a long vacation, make sure you tote these essential items to make your trip as pleasurable as possible.

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Nail File

When you’re on vacay make sure you have this handy travel essential on hand for any nail crises. It’s always a drag when you get a fresh mani for your trip and you break a nail. Don’t get desperate and bite your nails, always carry a nail file on your person! Using a crystal nail file is considered to be better for your nails and you can also clean it to avoid infection.


Portable Flats

Portable flats aren't just meant to relieve your tired feet after a long night of dancing; they’re also great to take along on a trip in case you have to do a lot of walking. Chic portable flats are an essential during travel because they don’t take up a lot of room. You can easily ditch your heels and throw them on and can complement many outfits.


Soap Sheets

Have you ever been in a public restroom and are stuck without soap? You can buy thin sheets of soap that comes in small containers, kind of like breath freshening strips, that dissolve in water and you ‘ll never have to worry about dirty hands again. Soap sheets are handy anytime, but they're definitely important travel essentials when heading to places you aren’t very familiar with. Hand sanitizers are cool, but I definitely feel cleaner with hot water and soap!


Spare Socks

Protect your feet from the germ-infested floor at airport security or to walk around your hotel room. You’ve seen those hotel room investigations; you can never be too clean or too careful. This handy travel essential might come in handier than you think; you might find yourself in situations where you can’t walk barefoot and walking around in your stilettos isn’t practical.



Sunblock isn’t just for sunny days. Even during winter months there are harmful ultraviolet A (UVA) rays present and can age your skin or cause skin cancer. Even in the most unlikely places you are susceptible to damaging rays from the sun so keep this travel and skin-saving essential item close by.


Extra Undies

This essential for travel and concealing your nakedness is especially important if you require different types of undergarments for different outfits. It’s also important in case your trip goes longer than expected or your dreaded period rears its ugly head.


Feminine Products

You knew this was next! Whether you’re a maxi pad or tampon girl, make sure you take extras of these indispensable travel essentials along in case of any emergencies. You and your friends will be so glad you packed extras!



Take a pair of cheap but adequately protective sunnies along as it’s inevitable that you or someone else will need them. Sunglasses are a convenient essential during travel to hide tired eyes after a long flight or just to look cute and chic. Make like a celeb and stroll through town or the airport with your sunnies and a smile.


Travel-Size Toiletries

This might seem like a silly suggestion for a travel essential, but I know people who pack full size products on trips! If you have a ton of free samples of shampoo or beauty products, take those along and save even more space while trying out new products. Let’s face it, we usually do some shopping on trips and full-size toiletries take up prime suitcase real estate.


Double Duty Makeup

Instead of taking your whole makeup bag, take 2-in-1 products or palettes that will make your load lighter and provide you with options without the bulk. While traveling, you’re likely going to have casual days as well as night out so be sure to pick products that will work for both day and night looks. This should be an easy one; we ladies know how to pick our beauty essentials for travel!

Don’t forget your oral hygiene tools as well as cotton balls and cotton buds which are travel essentials before you head out the door. I hope you found this list helpful -- keep it handy the next time you're packing! And let me know, what are your must-have travel items?

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Never heard of a crystal nail file. I'm on a mission to get myself one. :)

Whats up with tip #5 and 8?

Finally someone mentions the pads and tampons

add some safty pins and bands in the list.. :)

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