7 Cool Things to See in Hong Kong ...


Things to see in Hong Kong are pretty cool. This is a place that really has to be seen to be believed. It’s fast and furious, frenetic and fun and all with a capital F. If you get to stand still long enough there are some great things to see in Hong Kong. HK is a magnificent mix of old style Chinese, Colonial British, capitalist 21st century Chinese and every ethnic group imaginable. This really is one place where the cliché of old meets new is applicable in every sense. Sights in Hong Kong are skyscrapers rubbing shoulders with shanty shacks, 5* hotels vying with junky houseboats, markets with cheap knocks offs competing with the most chic and expensive designer goods and street foods calling for attention against delectable fine dining. Here are my 7 Cool Things to See in Hong Kong:

1. The Harbor on an Aqua Luna Cruise

The Bay lit up at night is one of the best sights in Hong Kong but the pleasure is heightened when seen from a top-deck lounge bed on a wooden junk run by Aqua Luna. Throw in some freshly made cocktails and the old boat becomes romantic and cool. The night time cruise lasts 45 minutes and departs from Central. You need to book ahead.

Street Scene at Jardine’s Bazaar
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