9 Cool Facts about Michigan You Probably Don't Know ...


Even if you live in Michigan, learning all of the strange, unique and totally different facts about Michigan can be fun! I am from Michigan and while I live in Boston now, Michigan still has a special place in my heart. That got me thinking: what tidbits about Michigan do I really know? That's exactly where this list came from! These are a few strange, not well-known (most of them anyway!) and unique facts about Michigan and about why we love the mitten state!

1. Faygo

You are probably wondering exactly what Faygo is right? You are also probably wondering why it is important and why this 'pop' (also referred to as soda for everyone else outside of Michigan!) is one of the 'fun facts about Michigan' but it is! Faygo is a beverage and it was actually created on November 4th, 1907, and it's only found in Michigan. I'm serious … only in Michigan! My favorite Faygo pop is grape – what about you other Michigan-peeps?

Longest Freshwater Line
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