Common Techie Mistakes You Should Avoid when Traveling ...


When I first started traveling, the only technical items I carried - like most other people - were an adapter plug and a Walkman (yes, I am that old!) Nowadays it seems that a suitcase is not complete without an array of gadgets. And although global communication has been made easier, there isn't a global standard for techie stuff so you could find yourself making some basic mistakes. Here's what to avoid:

1. Voltage Check

Voltage Check

One of the most common techie mistakes made when traveling is that people don’t make sure to check the difference in voltages between their home country and the country or countries that may be visiting. For example, North American outlets will provide 120 volts at 60 hz, whereas European countries give 230 volts at 50 hz. To ensure that all of your devices, appliances and accessories don’t get damaged, you need to have the right adapters with you.

Forgetting Adapter
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