8 Best Movie Destinations to Visit ...


Hollywood is very good at making people want to be where the characters in the movie are. Exploring hidden tombs, taking a dog sled across snowy terrain, or walking the vineyards in France really can be done by someone who isnโ€™t a famous actor or actress. There are many movies that have made me put a particular place on my wish list of places to go during my lifetime. In my opinion, here are the 8 best movie destinations to visit if you get the chance.

8. Alaska, USA

I have a friend who moved to Alaska and raved about how gorgeous it was and how friendly the people were. I still have yet to make it that far north, but maybe some day. Iโ€™ve seen numerous movies which showed the beauty she was talking about; Alaska, Into the Wild, White Fang, and Dr. Dolittle 2 just to name a handful. Each of these was either filmed completely in Alaska or had portions shot there. It is an excellent place to visit if you enjoy scenic views no matter where you turn.

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