11 Amazing Adventures in the Himalayas ...


There are loads of adventures in the Himalayas to be enjoyed that do not require you to be a mountain climber or a skier. The worldโ€™s highest mountain range traverses five countries โ€“ India, Pakistan, Nepal. Tibet (China) and Bhutan โ€“ and each offers their own unique characteristics into the mix. Whether youโ€™re an explorer, adventurer, fitness fanatic or an avid sightseer, the adventures in the Himalayas wonโ€™t disappoint.

1. Lhasa


Of all the amazing adventures in the Himalayas, a visit to the magical city of Lhasa is among the most sought after. Take in the city before starting an easy 12 day trek to reach first Samye (Tibetโ€™s oldest monastery), and finally Yarlung โ€“ known as the cradle of Tibetan culture.

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