7 Amazing Places to Backpack in America ...


Backpacking IS for everyone. If you donโ€™t consider yourself an outdoors person then that just means you havenโ€™t gotten out in it enough yet. Here are a few suggestions of places to start, so grab your canteen and dehydrated food while I show you some of my top spots and future conquests.

7. Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ is a truly unique town. I discovered it two years ago on a road trip with a friend while taking a one day detour that turned out to be a five day stay. Sedona is that awesome. It has something for everyone. Beautiful vista, colorful slot canyons, hike from easy to difficult, and a great small town feel without the touristy edge. If I had to describe the town, I would call it a working person's Aspen. It has everything you would want in a vacation spot without the high end prices.

Puu Oo Volcano, HI
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