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The Central Eastern European country of Croatia has everything you want in a holiday destination: A fabulous coastline rendering up stunning beaches, islands for hopping between, national parks full of natural wonders, vibrant cities, and little higgledy-piggledy medieval towns and ancient ruins.

1. Zitna Bay, Korcula

Zitna Bay, Korcula

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Just one of thousands of gorgeous beaches.

2. Hvar


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The island of Hvar has some of the most glorious beaches in Europe.

3. Roman Amphitheatre, in Pula

Roman Amphitheatre, in Pula

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One of the most well preserved and largest amphitheaters outside of Italy.

4. Hvar Town

Hvar Town

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A tourist's favorite place to stroll.

5. Sunset, Dalmatia

Sunset, Dalmatia

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Amazing sunsets are just something else to look forward to.

6. Sea Cave Beach- Dubrovik

Sea Cave Beach- Dubrovik

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The coastline is full of plenty of surprises.

7. Rab Island

Rab Island

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Saint Marinus, the founder of the mini-state of San Marino, originated on Rab,

8. Modra Špilja (Blue Grotto)

Modra Špilja (Blue Grotto)

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Blue Magic on Biševo - one of the numerous caves around the remote limestone island of Biševo.

9. Forest Trail, Plitvice National Park

Forest Trail, Plitvice National Park

Via Forest Trail, Plitvice, Croatia.

Plitvice National Park is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural sights in Europe...next picture shows why.

10. Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Simply S T U N N I N G

11. Split


Via Split, Croatia

The largest coastal city in Croatia.

12. Dubrovnik



A beautiful city with an amazing history.

13. Zagreb


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Croatia's capital and largest city.

14. "Morske Orgulje" or "the Sea Organ"

"Morske Orgulje" or "the Sea Organ"

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Located on the Shores of Zadar, it's the World’s First Pipe Organ Which Plays via the waves of the ocean...

Stairway to the Sea
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