19 Rude Place Names around the World ...


I don’t mind admitting that I have a rather infantile sense of humor, so when I happen upon rude place names, I can’t help but giggle.

It doesn’t matter whether they are downright rude enough to elicit a guffaw or a snort or two, or just bring a faint smile, finding humor in rude places names is just simple, harmless fun.

This might be a peculiarly British-SOH-centric post, but come with me on a journey around the world to find some rude place names to bring a smile.

1. Poo, India

Poo, India

How would you like to live in Poo?

I’m guessing that if you did, you would probably prefer the alternative spellings of Pooh or Puh, but whatever, it is still one of those rude place names that will make you smile.

Despite its name, Poo is a lovely place known for its natural beauty and wealth of vineyards, apricot orchards and almond groves.

There’s also a Poo in Asturias, Northern Spain and it has a beach.

Fancy a day at Poo Beach anyone?

2. Shit, Iran

Shit, Iran

Ok, let’s be fair about this;

the real, full and proper name of this little village in west Iran is Shit-e Kamarzard.

As a tiny place that according to a census in 2006 only had a population of 322, I couldn’t find anything else out about Shit.

3. Tit, Algeria

Tit, Algeria

I’ve gone into puerile SOH overload now.

Algeria has not just one place called Tit!

Algeria has a pair of Tits.

Like most pairs of tits, one Tit is bigger than the other.

The larger of the two is Tit in Adrar Province which has a population of just under 5,000.

The smaller Tit is in Tamanrasset Province and is the site of an important battle against the French in 1902.

4. Le Tampon, France

Le Tampon, France

Bloody hell!

You do have to sometimes wonder of the etymology of places with rude names, but there’s often a reasonable explanation.

Le Tampon is on Réunion Island – an overseas territory of France.

I looked it up and in French, a tampon is well, un tampon, but whereas in English we only have one word for it, one meaning for it and only use it in one way, the French language uses it much more widely.

It can mean stopper, plug, wad, swab, tampon, stamp, and buffer – pretty logical really.

Bum, Sierra Leone
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