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Coffee is one of those things we can be really passionate about.

Like for wine or chocolate, there are places around the world where coffee lovers can find history, tradition and a brew beyond compare.

If you want to go on a pilgrimage in homage to a cup of Joe, hereโ€™s where to go:

1. Sip Turkish Coffee in Istanbul

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Legend has it that Sultan Suleiman, the notorious Ottoman leader, was instantly hooked when he sipped his first cup of coffee in 1543.

He ordered his servants to perfect the brewing process.

Thus, Turkey invented the slowly boiled coffee bean in a cezve (pot), which is still served up with plenty of sugar to this day (Suleiman had a sweet tooth, apparently).

Before long, the entire nation was addicted and the first coffee house opened its doors in Istanbul's Tahtakale district.

The scent of freshly brewed coffee still dominates this neighborhood today, thanks to numerous coffee houses where locals like to sit and chat over a short coffee and a cube of sickly-sweet Turkish delight.

Istanbul might not rank high on the list of pilgrimages for coffee lovers, but its place in coffee's history should make it a port of call for all avid coffee fans.

2. Poetry and Coffee in Ethiopia

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Coffee historians believe the all important bean originated in southern Sudan, but Ethiopia continues to claim the credit for inventing the brew.2

The first domesticated coffee plants were harvested around the ancient walled city of Harar.2

The city still cultivates a diverse range of coffee flavors to this day, offering plenty of scope for coffee-drinking pilgrimages among its narrow alleyways, where numerous cafรฉs sell the same coffee beans poet and good-time boy Arthur Rimbaud used to export in his troubled final years.

Local custom has it that beans must be first roasted then passed around to draw in their aroma, then ground with spices, before finally being allowed to brew in a jebena, a traditional serving jug.

Enjoy an Ethiopian style macchiato, where an espresso is added to a quantity of milk, rather than the other way round as the Italian's serve it.

Enlightened Coffee Experience, Italy
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