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St. Patrick’s Day isn’t too far off so you’re probably starting to think about how you’re going to spend the day. Fortunately for you, there are virtually endless options, no matter where you happen to be this year. If you plan to travel this March 17th, here are the most epic places to visit. I promise it will be an experience you’ll never forget. St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t get better than it does in these places.

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Tir Na Nog, New York City, New York

This bar ranks #1 on many lists of where to spend St. Patrick’s Day this year. Not only is the bar a great place to go for authentic Irish food, but it has a great design that will make you feel like staying forever. Gather your friends and head over to Tir Na Nog and have a meal and some beer. You’ll never forget it because New Yorkers call this one of the best places in the world to get drunk.


The Palace Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Of course, there’s no better place to spend St. Patrick’s Day than in Ireland, right? Most people say that the Palace Bar is one of the hot spots for drinking beer and enjoying the festivities. It’s in a place that has recently gotten a facelift so you’ll be right at home with the young people coming out to celebrate the day.


The Black Rose, Boston, Massachusetts

Renowned Irishman and U2 frontman, Bono, always makes a stop here when he visits Boston, so you know it’s got to be a great choice. The bar is a great place to go any night of the week, but on St. Patrick’s Day, the revelry gets even better. Enjoy all the best Irish beers, a heaping platter of corned beef and live music. You may never want to go home.


Durty Nelly’s, Sydney, Australia

Just because you’re Down Under doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. The best place to go is Durty Nelly’s because this bar has been serving up the best brews since 1854, so you know they’re doing something right. You might also enjoy homemade soda bread or black pudding with your pint.


The Irish Bank, San Francisco, California

This understated bar is located in back alley in San Francisco and is the place to be if you want to start celebrating in the early morning on St. Patrick’s Day. They are willing to get you started at 9:00! The place is cozy and has plenty of Guinness on hand as well as providing live music all day long.


The Irish Embassy, Toronto, Ontario

This place is always a popular place to hang out, but it gets pretty exciting on St. Patrick’s Day. You can order your favorite pints to go along with a plate of smoked salmon. While you’re enjoying your Irish feast and your beer, you can listen to live music and get up and dance too. Fun!


Johnnie Foxes, Glencullen, Ireland

This Irish pub has been around since 1798 and still entertains crowds with live music and fireside storytelling, just like they’ve been doing right from the start. You can sit down and enjoy all the best beers the place has to offer for a St. Patrick’s Day that you’ll never forget. You might even get to see someone famous as this place has attracted presidents, movie stars and musicians for decades.

Where will you be drinking beer this St. Patrick’s Day?

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