7 Best Festivals in India for Travelers ...

India is a land of glorious colors and amazing culture and some of the best travel experiences are the festivals in India.

Throughout the year, events bring together people of all sorts to celebrate and commemorate religious, national and social significance.

The festivals in India are completely fascinating and something to write home about.

1. Holi


Probably the best known of the festivals in India, even if most people outside the country donโ€™t remember what itโ€™s called, is Holi.

Usually held around March all over India, this spring festival celebrates the new season.

It starts with a huge bonfire that symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.

For two days, or 16 if youโ€™re in the Braj region, youโ€™ll need to wear clothes that you donโ€™t care much about since youโ€™ll be pelted with colored powder and water until you look like a very bright Jackson Pollock painting.

The joy is contagious and youโ€™ll soon find yourself dancing along with the crowds and covering everything in sight in color, whether itโ€™s a building, a cow or your travel partner.