10 Phenomenal Ways to save Money when Traveling for Girls on a Budget ...


10 Phenomenal Ways to save Money when Traveling for Girls on a Budget ...
10 Phenomenal Ways to save Money when Traveling for Girls on a Budget ...

Looing for some ways to save money when traveling? You are in the right place.The author Hans Christian Anderson said "to travel is to live," according to Adventure in You.com. Traveling offers you a way to see the world in person with your own eyes. Going from place to place can also add up expenses. Check out these ten ways to save money when traveling.

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Look for Package Deals

Package deals are one of the best ways to save money when traveling. Some hotels combine the price of airfare with the price of their hotel and give you a discount, which could save you money. Hotels can also give you upgraded room options when you purchase deals with them. Package deals can even include the price of the hotel combined with airfare and transportation. You can first see what packages or upgrades the hotel you are interested in staying at offers. Or, you can look at an airline and the types of deals they have with hotels for the location you are going to.


Pay in Cash

Paying in cash will help you avoid conversion fees on your credit card. Another reason to pay in cash is that it will help you stay within your spending budget. If you carry cash on you it makes it easier to tip drivers and bellhops. Depending on where you are staying, it could be difficult to find an ATM if you really need cash at the moment.


Avoid Eating out for Every Meal

Eating out for every meal can add up very quickly. If you want to go out on the town for dinner, try eating breakfast at the hotel. Some hotels even offer free breakfasts. Or if you can, pack food with you to bring on the trip or visit a local grocery store once you get to your destination.


Think about the Itinerary

When planning your trip, you can have better expectations on how much money you will need to spend if you plan what your activities are. For example, cruise ships offer different island excursions at an extra cost. You can save money for your trip and have a plan for how much you want to spend while there. By planning ahead you can reduce stress and feel like you can manage your expenses.


Research the Currency Exchange

Some countries are more expensive when traveling than others. It is important to pay attention to the currency rate so you know how much money you are really spending. Cities with a high amount of tourism can be more expensive to stay in. There are some countries where it doesn't cost much to stay, after you figure out the conversion.

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Think about Small Expenses

When budgeting for your trip, consider all of the extra expenses besides hotels, flights, and food. Getting from point A to point B can add up if you have to take multiple forms of transportation from a shuttle to a bus to a train. Depending on where you are going and how much time you plan on moving around, you may want to consider which options are cheaper. For example, if you are planning on taking a light rail around a city you can add the expense to your trip plan and it won't be an extra cost you didn't expect later.


Consider the Season

Some seasons have higher traveling peak times and it can cost more to travel during that time. If you are traveling to a place hosting a big event then the prices of hotels will be more expensive. Book your reservations with enough time in advance that you have options to choose from. There are even some days, weeks, or times where it is cheaper to fly than others.


Travel with a Friend

Traveling with a friend has many benefits. You and your friend can split the cost of the trip. Also, your friend can be an extra safety so you are not traveling alone. You and your friend will be able to reflect on the things you saw together and the memories you both made.


Pack Lightly

The heavier your suitcase is, the more you could be charged especially if the suitcase is overweight. By packing lightly, you can make sure you have room if you want to bring souvenirs home. If you plan on walking or taking buses you will need a lightweight suitcase to manage. You might even consider using a backpack more often on your trip, depending on what type of trip you are taking. Check with your airline on what their suitcase requirements are.


Watch for Sales

Some airlines have deals for a certain amount of time. Hotels also offer deals and room upgrades for booking with them. Make sure to also check for cancelation fees in case something happened and you need to cancel the trip. If you know you want to travel somewhere, check on the prices and see if you can reserve your tickets when there is a deal and the timing is right for you.

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