9 Easy Ways to save Money for Traveling and Fulfill Your Wanderlust ...


9 Easy Ways to save Money for Traveling and Fulfill Your Wanderlust ...
9 Easy Ways to save Money for Traveling and Fulfill Your Wanderlust ...

Traveling is one of the most existing things but in this day in age, everything including travel is expensive so how can you finds ways to save money for traveling. Little saving here and there adds up so quickly that you could be one a plane to the Virgin Islands in no time! So here are some ways to save money for traveling.

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Give up Your Gym Membership

Gym membership cans cost anywhere from $25-$100 a month. Add that up and it’s a lot! I understand that paying for it makes it easier to motivate yourself to go to the gym but giving it up is just one of the many ways to save money for traveling. Running and working out is something that doesn’t require much equipment or a specific place. Running in the neighborhood or working out in the house cannot only save you the membership fee but also the gas spent to drive there.


Cutting Your Morning Coffee Run

If I have to be at work early in the morning, then I need my grande caramel macchiato from Starbucks. The only problem I have with this delicious creation is it cost me $4.79. Yes, I know the exact amount! You do too don’t lie! $4.97, five days a week is $24.85 and for a month, it is around $100. So $100 times 12 is around $1,200 a year for coffee! I could buy a plane ticket to Paris for that amount! Paris, coffee, you decide!


Bringing Your Own Lunch

Go to the store and buy that container of brown paper bag that your mother used to pack your lunch in when you were little. You’re going to need them for a little while. Bringing your own lunch to work saves you a ton of money and all those unwanted calories. The great thing about bringing your own lunch is you get to decide what you want to eat. Whether it’s a healthy salad or those leftovers you know that wouldn’t have been ate otherwise.


Do Your Own Nails

What girl doesn’t like to get her nails done? It’s part of the ritual where you go out and relax while having your beauty enhanced! Getting your nails done is great but it can be expenses as well. If you go every two weeks, like some women I know then that money adds up fast. Do your own nails for a change! Maybe you will master your opposite hand painting skills!


Visit Your Local Library

If your anything like me, then books are your salvation. I personally have a huge stack of books lying on the floor of my closet. Yes, in my closet because I cherish them just as much as my shoes! I like to buy my books, not only to add to my own personal collection but also to read them whenever I want. I have nothing against libraries but borrowing and owning are two totally different things. Borrowing books from the library is just one of the many ways to save money for traveling!


Watch Old Movies

On the weekend, the usual weekend ritual is to drive to the corner Redbox and rent a movie. Or better yet, watch all those movies or TV shows on Netflix. These things cost you money though. You have a huge stack of movies next to the TV stand why not watch them? They’re free and oldies but goodies. That’s why you brought them in the first place! So save yourself a few bucks and re-watch those movies.


Quit Shopping

I know, I said it. Don’t hate me! I love shopping just as much as the next woman but let’s be honest. If you want to go lay on white sandy beaches or walk the ancient streets of some European country, then you need to save money. Shopping is great and wonderful but it won’t get you to your destination any sooner. If anything, it will delay you. So hold back, that cute blouse will be there later. It might even be on sale when you get back from your trip!


Sign up for Rewarding Credit Cards

I don’t normally recommend credit cards but some rewarding credit cards could actually come in handy when traveling. Capital One seems to be the best bet when looking for rewarding credit cards for travel. It redeems miles for airline tickets, hotels and car rentals. So maybe applying for a credit card and using it for a few months can help with traveling. Just be sure to pay it off every month.


Take on a Part-time Job

If you’re staying home, not going out with friends and tired of watching old movies, then get a part-time job. It will not only help with your boredom, which could lead to you spending money when you should be saving, but also with saving money for travel. The little extra money you could make from the part-time job could cut your waiting time to travel in third if you calculate right.

Overall there are many different ways to save money for traveling; the best advice is to find the ones that you can stick too. The ones you know will be worth it in the end. Have you tried these ways to save money for traveling? What would be some other ways to save?

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Plus if u stop shopping then when u get to ur destination u can shop on ur vacation! It's always more fun checking out the local bazaars and local fashions. :)

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