7 Ways to Get through the Airport Quickly and Efficiently ...


Although everyone loves a good vacation, no one likes the annoying hassle of dealing with TSA in various ways to get through the airport. Regardless of when you choose to embark on your next journey via airplane, you’re guaranteed to encounter the dreaded TSA prior to getting on the plane. While the precautions taken are only done to ensure the safety of all passengers (we appreciate you, TSA!), I must admit the process is one that puts me in a less than vacation-oriented mood. So, what ways will help you get through the airport quickly and efficiently to make life easier on everyone? Check out my tips below to find out!

1. Wear Shoes That Are Easy to Slip off

One of the ways to get through the airport, particularly TSA, is to wear comfortable, easy-to-slip-off shoes. Nothing starts my irritation clock quicker than waiting behind a person carefully unlacing the tallest lace up boots. The tension in the air as everyone waits in frustration for the said person to pry that same shoe off their foot is familiar to all those who’ve ever been in this situation. Save yourself, the airport employees, and the other travelers the hassle and opt for a pair of flip flops or loafers while traveling. If your final destination is somewhere fancy, simply throw your pumps in your purse and put them on once you arrive. You’ll be able to navigate the airport more quickly and comfortably, as well as getting through TSA hassle-free.

Do Not Bring an Extra Carry-on
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