7 Unique Facts about Living in Wyoming ...

By Chelsie

7 Unique Facts about Living in Wyoming ...

Fewer than 600,000 people are currently living in Wyoming, but these few people know there are some unique aspects about living in the equality state. I grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and loved every minute of it. Until I was older, I never realized that some of what I experienced by living in Wyoming was unique. I don’t know how many people see buffalo every day or go to the rodeo every summer, but I did see buffalo and go to the rodeo and considered it normal. Living in Wyoming can be interesting, but I consider myself blessed to have been able to experience some of the unique attributes of Wyoming.

1 Wide Open Spaces

Wide Open Spaces Wyoming is known for wide open spaces, and for the people who are living in Wyoming, these open spaces mean a lot of travel time. Going from one town to another can take as much as two hours. During those two hours most of what you see is sagebrush and desert, unless you live in the mountains like I did. In which case, you will have gorgeous views as you travel.

2 Desert Fun

Desert Fun I may have lived in the mountains, but my dad lived in southern Wyoming where there is a lot of desert. If you happen to live in southern Wyoming, you know that going out into the desert to ride a four wheeler or look for arrowheads is a popular form of entertainment. If you are like most of the population and don’t live in southern Wyoming, this may seem like an odd pastime, but it really is entertaining when there is no movie theater to go to.

3 Population Fluctuations

Population Fluctuations I grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where the population fluctuates according to the season. In the summer there are many tourists and the town seems to double in size. At first the influx of people was overwhelming, but I would get used to it. Plus, living in a tourist town allows you to meet people from all over the world!

4 Rodeos Everywhere

Rodeos Everywhere Rodeos are very common in Wyoming. In fact, I don’t think I have ever been to a town in Wyoming that didn’t have a rodeo. In the summer rodeos are held every weekend, and they are a lot of fun to go to. The bull rides are heart pounding; everyone wants the cowboy to stay on the full 8 seconds!

5 Real Cowboys

Real Cowboys Believe it or not cowboys do still exist and they don’t just go to the rodeo. Living in Wyoming, I knew a lot of cowboys who worked on cattle ranches. They are the nicest people, and they do in fact wear cowboy boots. They also often wear cowboy hats.

6 Chilly Halloweens

Chilly Halloweens October in Wyoming can be very cold, which means there is often snow on Halloween. As a result, it is very common for little kids’ Halloween costumes to include a snowsuit. All of my Halloween costumes were made two sizes bigger so I could wear my snowsuit underneath. Because they were so big, I actually still fit into most of them!

7 Abundant Wildlife

Abundant Wildlife Wildlife in Wyoming is abundant. I grew up seeing deer, moose, buffalo, bears, and mountain goats. The National Elk Refuge was just a few miles from my school, which means I saw elk every day during the winter! Being able to see wildlife every day is one of the great blessings of living in Wyoming.

Living in Wyoming can definitely be a unique experience. However, it can also be really fun. I actually enjoyed trick-or-treating in my snowsuit, and there is nothing like seeing a baby bear for the first time! If you ever have the chance to visit Wyoming, I highly recommended it. It is a great state to visit. Have you ever been to Wyoming?

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I think.....


OMG!!!! It's beautiful!!


Wyoming is okay, for the older of people if your under 21 there's nothing to do


I grew up in park city Utah and visited Wyoming but 6 months ago I moved to Mississippi 😭 I miss the west


Hey I'm from Cody!


I live in Teton Valley 👌


I grew up in lander and I appreciate this article so much my only problem with it is wyoming is not all about the cowboys we get so many tourists that come into town with their button up shirts ten gallon hat and boots I happen to live on a real ranch and that's not what any of us wear I love to part about the Halloween costumes because every wyo kid has to do it!😂 honestly though I love lander so much and it just feels like an oasis 💕


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