7 Travel Traditions in Danger of Being Lost or Forgotten ...

The digital age has encroached on so many areas of life, changing how many things work and the way we do things, and even some of our beloved travel traditions are at the mercy of technology. To younger readers, some of these travel traditions are going to sound archaic, but I know they will resonate with our more mature readers who maybe, like me, have a hankering for some of the old ways.

1. The Photo Album

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I am old enough and have traveled enough to have been able to amass a large collection of travel photos that are in print and have pride of place on a bookcase in albums. I love to leaf through the albums. Iā€™m no expert but my photos bring back fabulous memories. I think that albums full of glorious photos are one of the travel traditions that is endangered by the digital age. I do believe that many millions of travel photographs are still being taken but how many of them are simply downloaded into online folders and forgotten?

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