7 Top Rated Places to Visit in the Bahamas ...

We know that The Bahamas has great beauty so our expectations of it as a holiday destination are rightfully, pretty high. We dream of a tropical paradise of perfect stretches of powdery sand, lapped by seas in sublime shades of blue contrasting with the green of swaying palm trees and it happens across 700 islands and 2000+ cays. But once you reach this destination, where do you go? Where are the top rated places to visit in the Bahamas?

1. Discover Atlantis on Paradise Island

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The Atlantis hotel complex and water park on Paradise Island's Casino Drive seeks to recreate the ancient world of the legendary island of Atlantis. One of the best places to visit in the Bahamas for those who love rides, high-speed slides and water sports, the 141-acre site of Aquaventure will hold the greatest interest. The site boasts more than 20 pools, a mile-long Lazy River Ride and numerous slides and thrilling rides. The aquarium is also not what visitors will expect, for here swordfish and hammerhead sharks glide through the crystal clear waters of open-air pools rather than closed fish tanks. Entry to the entertainments and theme park is free for guests of the luxury hotel complex.

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