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An Asian cruise is a special treat for travellers who would like to explore the Far East without having to think about arranging accommodation and food expenses on their own. Our recent Asian cruise is now part of our best travel experiences of the century and it's largely because of the following:

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Cuisine Exploration

Travelling on an Asian cruise is a gastronomic adventure. Asian cuisine is very diverse and when on a ship with a crew of people from different countries, expect an onboard exploration of the best dishes worldwide. The Far East, as Asia is known, features different cuisines from each country of the region and there are so many dishes to choose from. If you're from "The West", Italian and American restaurants provide the best comfort food that will satisfy your cravings. Enjoy!


Three or Four Countries in a Week

Countries in Asia are mostly connected; that is why a cruise is a great way to explore them. Royal Caribbean's seven-day Asian cruise covers Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam with so much activities in store for you onboard you won't even know which day of the week it is.


United Colors of Happiness

Think United Nations! People on cruise ships are just happy and want to have fun. They smile and are quick to give away pleasantries which may not be common "on land". Meet people from all over the world and enjoy talking to them about anything and everything under the sun. Seldom will you meet grouchy people aboard a cruise liner.


Multi-cultural Experience

I love sitting down in a spot where I can just see the entire promenade and watch people go by. Asian cruises attract people from all over the world. On our cruise, we met a couple named Heather and Bryan from Texas who are avid cruise travellers. We swapped travel stories including cultural experiences over dinner. My favorite part is formal night when people dress up and put on their best foot forward as they mingle with fellow cruisers.


Wide Variety of Shore Excursions

Of course you need to pay extra but as my husband and I calculated the cost of doing our own excursion, it came out that shore excursions arranged by your ship are almost the same price as your DIY. Plus they make sure that you go back to your ship on time so you're not left behind in the port drowning in your own pool of tears because the boat sailed without you.


Affordable Shopping Destinations

Asia is shopping heaven and most cruisers flock to this continent for affordable finds. Imagine how many of these travellers drooled in Bangkok because prices are really dirt cheap? Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam is not popularly known as a shopping destination but there can be great discoveries in the markets there!


Great Connectivity

If your ports of call are Hong Kong and Singapore, then you know that these major cities are connected with the rest of the world. Royal Caribbean, for instance, has a program called Cruisefly Service which allows travellers early check-in for flights departing within the same day of the ship's arrival. Don't ever hesitate asking Guest Services if you need to know more details.

Who else has been on an Asian Cruise? How was your experience?

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